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BC Party Positions on Oil Tankers

06.05.13 | Election - BC 2013, No Tankers |  Eric Swanson

BC Liberals Summary: The BC Liberals have rejected Enbridge’s Northern Gateway proposal and are withholding judgment on Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain expansion proposal. In Detail: The BC Liberals have ‘five conditions’ upon which they individually assess each heavy oil pipeline and tanker proposal. You can read more about the five conditions in the government’s news […]

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What actually happened in the B.C. election?

05.17.13 | Commentary, Election - BC 2013, Strategy |  Will Horter

In the aftermath of Christy Clark and the B.C. Liberal’s surprise election victory, the spinmeisters are inevitably trying to simplify a complex series of factors into sound bites. Two explanations are receiving prominent play in the media. These are: Clark’s victory was a referendum on pipelines and her win is a signal that British Columbians […]

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We’re on the radio

05.10.13 | Election - BC 2013, News, No Tankers |  Karl Hardin

In less than 24 hours the Dogwood community came together and donated enough money to buy up every last radio spot on Vancouver radio station CKNW. This is the No Tankers message we’re saturating the airwaves with between now and election day: Our job is far from done though. The polls keep tightening up – […]

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Why Clark’s five conditions are nothing but a smoke screen

05.03.13 | Election - BC 2013, Let BC Vote, No Tankers |  Will Horter

The vast majority of British Columbians oppose the expansion of oil tankers off our coast. Our jobs, our salmon and killer whales, our sense of ourselves and our future will be put at risk if Big Oil and their political supporters in Alberta and Ottawa get their way and bring hundreds of oil tankers annually […]

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Tough but fair

05.02.13 | Election - BC 2013, No Tankers |  Eric Swanson

Dogwood Initiative runs a non-partisan election model. Campaign Director Eric Swanson answers some common questions about how it all works and in particular, about the May B.C. election. Are you talking about more than oil tankers this election? Nope. We think the issue is big enough and important enough to get our undivided attention. Are […]

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Oil tankers on B.C.’s coast: the party positions in a nut shell

05.01.13 | Election - BC 2013, No Tankers |  Eric Swanson

Free and fair elections are the cornerstone of democracy. As disillusioned as we can get, remember your voice counts. If you are eligible to vote, you possess a little piece of power. And during election season we come together in gymnasiums, churches and town halls to join all of our little pieces together into a […]

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In-depth: the B.C. Liberals position on oil tankers on B.C.’s coast

04.30.13 | Election - BC 2013, No Tankers |  Eric Swanson

There have been so many twists and turns in the B.C. Liberals position on oil tanker and pipeline proposals that it would be understandable if some people have lost track. Truth is, for all the huffing and puffing, not a whole lot has changed: the B.C. Liberals are the only party that hasn’t taken a […]

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In-Depth: the NDP position on oil tankers on B.C.'s coast

04.26.13 | Election - BC 2013, No Tankers |  Will Horter

I’ve always been slightly put off by Earth Day. It’s nice to get together and march and listen to speeches with like-minded people, but it seemed to me to be a remnant of a by-gone era of environmentalism. I know it’s well-intentioned, but it felt stale with too much preaching to the converted and not […]

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