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BC Needs a Big Money Corruption Inquiry, Fast

08.04.17 | Ban Big Money, Corruption Inquiry, Op-Ed |  Lisa Sammartino

Did major donors to BC Liberals reap favours harming the public interest? Time to find out. Originally printed in The Tyee. Christy Clark rounded out her final days in office with a parting gift — not to British Columbians but to a loyal BC Liberal donor, Taseko Mines. The company donated more than $130,000 to […]

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Why does dirty U.S. coal get a free ride through B.C.?

04.06.17 | Beyond Coal, Defend Our Farmland, Election - BC 2017, Op-Ed, Organizing |  Arie Ross

Americans reject terminals, so Montana’s coal heads to Asia through the Lower Mainland. Posted previously in the Tyee. If you’ve ever been to the ferry terminal in Tsawwassen, you’ve seen them. The big, black piles of coal framed against the mountains as you drive down the causeway. But not all coal is created equal. One […]

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BC taxpayers to pay billions for Christy Clark’s bridge

03.24.17 | Beyond Coal, Defend Our Farmland, Democracy, Election - BC 2017, Op-Ed |  Guest Writer

The Massey Bridge Replacement means increased costs for taxpayers and commuters. It would also open up the Fraser River to Panamax tankers, enabling a massive expansion of fossil fuel exports Excerpts published with permission from Daniel Wood. See the full article in The Tyee. If today’s B.C. government has its way, work will start late this year on […]

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Spare a Thought for the Cannon Fodder Candidates

09.28.15 | Op-Ed, Strategy |  Kai Nagata

This article first appeared in on Monday, Sept. 28, 2015. In the last federal election, 1,279 brave Canadians, most of them earnestly wishing to serve their country, ran for office and lost. All that money. All those countless hours sacrificed by their family and volunteers, only to lose. When the final list for this […]

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Is Northern Gateway B.C.’s National Energy Program?

06.19.15 | No Tankers, Op-Ed |  Kai Nagata

This piece originally appeared in the National Post, June 19, 2015. It’s a program that has engendered distrust and alienation between Ottawa and the West: a symbol of the government’s bloody-minded determination to dictate energy policy from Central Canada. No, not Pierre Elliott Trudeau’s National Energy Program – which was pitched in the 1980s as […]

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How to kill a pipeline

04.13.15 | No Tankers, Op-Ed, Strategy |  Kai Nagata

A version of this article originally appeared in The Tyee. On the night of April 12, 2014, I was a long way from the North Coast. Surrounded by a ballroom full of grey-haired guys in camo vests and stone-washed Levis, I drained another can of Bone Beer and checked my raffle tickets. I had that […]

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Tories, pipeline firms growing apart

01.08.15 | Let BC Vote, No Tankers, Op-Ed |  Dogwood

Written by Kai Nagata – Originally published in the Vancouver Sun, December 23, 2014 A friend of mine works at TransCanada, the company whose proposed Energy East pipeline would connect oil producers in Alberta with refineries and tanker terminals in Quebec and New Brunswick. This fall, we sat down at a bar in Calgary to […]

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British Columbia mayors filling leadership vacuum in pipeline review process

09.26.14 | Let BC Vote, Op-Ed |  Kai Nagata

Written by Kai Nagata – Originally published in the Financial Post, September 25, 2014 With rain lashing the chairlifts and green grass stretching up the mountainside, the visitors packing Whistler’s chalet lounges this week aren’t here for the moguls. It’s the annual Union of B.C. Municipalities convention, and that means 737 mayors and councillors are […]

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