British Columbians share a vision of a fair, affordable and sustainable society. But politics as usual won’t get us there.

At the federal level, enormous power has pooled in the hands of party officials, lobbyists and faraway bureaucrats. Ordinary voters have almost no influence.

In Victoria this gap has been even worse. Until very recently, provincial decision-makers were able to take unlimited amounts of money from corporations, unions and wealthy donors, from anywhere in the world. Thanks to British Columbians who stood up and said “enough is enough,” we now have laws banning Big Money in our political system.

However, we know there is more work to be done to make a democracy that truly represents the people who live in B.C. We have a plan to shift power back to local people like you.

The first step was banning Big Money from politics. Now we need to find out how decision-making was truly made under the “Wild West” system and holding those responsible accountable.  Join our call for a corruption inquiry.

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