We’re in a climate emergency. From deadly wildfires to collapsing salmon runs, the signs are all around us. And with each new heat wave or flood, we see how climate change interacts with the other crises facing B.C., hitting the most marginalized people the hardest.

We have less than a decade to avoid the worst impacts of climate breakdown. At this late hour, we need emergency measures at all levels of society and government to drastically cut the amount of oil and gas we extract and burn. These days politicians may say the right things — but our emissions keep rising. Their actions show they aren’t willing to move at the scale and speed of change that’s needed for survival.

That’s why Dogwood is building grassroots power to break free from fossil fuels and speed the switch to clean energy. Join us!

Beyond Gas

Fracked gas is B.C.’s biggest carbon bomb. If we don’t stop the NDP’s plan to massively expand this industry, the climate impacts will be catastrophic.

The B.C. government gives $1.3 billion taxpayer dollars a year to fracking companies that are poisoning fresh water, triggering earthquakes and worsening the climate emergency. Right now, so-called ‘natural’ gas is blasted out of the ground in B.C.’s northeast and burned in our homes and public buildings. If Premier Horgan and companies like Shell get their way, fracking — and emissions — will dramatically increase to fuel a new LNG export industry, shipping gas by pipeline and tanker to the other side of the world.

To avoid climate breakdown, B.C. urgently needs to move beyond gas. We do that by cutting off the taxpayer handouts that are fuelling the fracking industry, harnessing solutions to switch public buildings and homes from gas to clean energy, and supporting Indigenous people defending their land from fracking and pipeline construction.

Let’s break free from fossil fuels!

Tell the B.C. government to stop funding the climate crisis
Join a Beyond Gas volunteer team

Stop Trans Mountain

The Trans Mountain pipeline and oil tanker project threatens our climate, land, water and the unceded territories of Indigenous communities who have not given their consent.

Costs and delays are piling up, and even the government’s own energy regulator says the project is no longer needed. There’s still time to change course, and save billions of taxpayer dollars for the things Canadians need, like affordable housing and clean energy.

We’re working with a broad coalition to put relentless pressure on Ottawa to cancel Trans Mountain, while supporting the frontline resistance that is doing whatever it takes to stop this project in its tracks.

Join the fight

Tell the Liberals to cancel Trans Mountain
Support the frontlines

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