We’re in a climate emergency. From deadly forest fires to collapsing salmon runs, B.C. communities are already experiencing devastating impacts to our homes, local economies and ways of life.

We have less than a decade to avoid the worst impacts of climate change. If we can break the grip oil and gas has on our politics, and speed the switch to clean energy, we can protect our home, create good local jobs and build a safe future for our kids.

Break free from fossil fuels

Only governments captured by the oil and gas industry would build not one, but two pipelines during a climate crisis at the end of the oil age. Here in B.C., billions of dollars of public money are being used to build some of the largest fossil fuel export projects in North America, like the Trans Mountain pipeline and LNG Canada.

We will not allow our government to use our tax dollars to prop up a dying industry that violates Indigenous rights and fuels the climate crisis.

Join the resistance

Sign the petition to stop taxpayer-funded climate change
Support on the ground resistance to Trans Mountain

Local Power for B.C.

Despite the illusion of ‘clean B.C.’, we use fossil fuels to heat our homes, deliver goods and move us everywhere we go. We can cut Big Oil off at the knees by kick-starting a clean energy revolution in our communities — let’s speed the switch from gas to electricity for transport and home heating, and make sure the new power we’ll need benefits local and Indigenous communities.

The government and BC Hydro should be leading the charge, but too often they’re getting in the way. Our Local Power campaign is fighting to clear the roadblocks and blaze a trail towards community-driven clean electricity generation all over B.C.

Help free your community from fossil fuels

Sign the Local Power petition
Join a Local Power team

Together, we’ll fight climate-killing projects while crafting made-in-B.C. solutions we can use today.

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