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!!!!!!!!, and other lessons from the federal election

12.24.15 | Commentary, Election - Canada 2015, Strategy |  Kai Nagata

What do you think was the best-performing email subject line of the entire federal election campaign at Dogwood? If you guessed eight exclamation points in a row and nothing else, YOU’D BE RIGHT!!!!!!!! What may have been the product of mental exhaustion turned into a surprisingly effective get-out-the-vote email in the dying days of the […]

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Which voting system is best?

10.30.15 | Commentary, Elections |  Kai Nagata

When a favourite sports team falls short in the playoffs, fans are quick to find fault with the umpires, the weather, the league – in short, blaming everything the players themselves can’t control. A similar refrain is often heard after elections. “If only the rules were different, my team would be in a different position […]

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Why do Conservatives fear Dogwood?

07.20.15 | Actions, Commentary, Election - Canada 2015, Let BC Vote, No Tankers, Organizing, Strategy |  Kai Nagata

Want to make a difference in the federal election? Come work with Dogwood Initiative. At least, that’s what Conservative Party veterans like Stockwell Day and John Duncan seem to be saying. If you needed evidence that our community organizers have pro-tanker incumbents worried, you only had to pick up the local paper in Parksville a […]

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We won big on election day

12.01.14 | Actions, Commentary, Election - municipal 2014 |  Kai Nagata

It’s election night, and I’m sitting in Dogwood’s Vancouver office waiting for the polls to close. There’s a newspaper in my bag with headlines that read Kirk LaPointe, pro-pipeline candidate for mayor of Vancouver, has the wind at his back. Kinder Morgan ads have been popping up on my computer screen all week. I’m nervous. […]

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Democracy in action – Esquimalt

10.31.14 | Commentary, Election - municipal 2014 |  Dogwood

“Democracy in action” captured the scene this week at a lively all-candidates meeting in Esquimalt. It was standing room only as 14 candidates vied for the votes of more than 200 local residents. Co-sponsored by Esquimalt United Church and Dogwood Initiative, the session focused on ecological concerns: oil tankers off our coast, renewable energy, sewage […]

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Why Dogwood doesn’t endorse

10.21.14 | Commentary, Elections, Strategy |  Kai Nagata

So you’re a Dogwood supporter. Imagine you’re at home one evening and the doorbell rings. You open the door. On the front steps you see a person holding a clipboard and wearing a button that says “Let BC Vote” or “Beyond Coal”. “Hello,” they say. “I’m a volunteer with Dogwood Initiative. As you know, there’s […]

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The west wants out

08.27.14 | Election - Canada 2015, Op-Ed, Strategy |  Will Horter

This article originally appeared in the Toronto Star. Earthquakes happen rarely in Canadian politics, but the fault lines are shifting again on the West Coast. As the next federal election draws closer, conditions below the surface should remind political observers of another seismic event a generation ago. Back in the early 1990s, Stephen Harper and the […]

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Port Approves New Coal Port Despite Overwhelming Opposition

08.21.14 | Beyond Coal, Election - municipal 2014, Media |  Dogwood

Today British Columbia’s largest nonpartisan democracy group called on local and provincial officials to stand up for B.C. after Port Metro Vancouver approved a permit for Fraser Surrey Docks to build a U.S. thermal coal transshipment facility. “The provincial government has the responsibility to live up to its climate targets and protect the health of […]

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