Here’s a selection of our recent videos:

Live – Dogwood election reaction

Alexandra Woodsworth, Kai Nagata and Lisa Sammartino share their perspectives on the 2020 B.C. election outcome.

Where the hell is the NDP?

Even the BC Liberals say it’s time to stop giving taxpayer money to fossil fuel companies. Why won’t the BC NDP commit to ending oil and gas subsidies?

A roast for the BC Liberal leader

In honour of Andrew Wilkinson’s looming retirement from politics, we recorded a little roast.

Why would a climate voter ever support the NDP?

NDP leader John Horgan was asked why climate voters should support his party. He used the time to promote a taxpayer-funded fracking project.

Aq’am Solar Farm

For the cost of one big dam, we could build hundreds of renewable energy projects in communities all across B.C.

Former NDP MPs fought oil and gas subsidies

These BC NDP candidates fought for years against taxpayer subsidies for fracking and pipelines. Where do they stand now?

Why is B.C. giving tax dollars to oil and gas companies?

ASK your B.C. election candidates: will they STOP giving our tax dollars to oil & gas companies?

Vote 16 BC Public Info Session

During this one hour session, we will be going over the basics of our lowering the voting age campaign, why every British Columbian should support it and how we plan on getting a promise to lower the voting age in the political party platforms this election.

Sign the petition at

Meet Jason Kenney’s man in Ottawa

Why is Jason Kenney “delighted” about the new Conservative leader?

Take action! Ask Minister Freeland to build a clean post-COVID economy, not Trans Mountain.

Stopping Trans Mountain on the Brunette River

After 10 days in the treetops blocking Trans Mountain’s construction, Dr. Tim Takaro is going home.

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