Here’s a selection of our recent videos:


Why B.C. needs to go “Beyond Gas”

A conversation with Wet’suwet’en land rights advocate Delee Nikal and Climate Emergency Unit leader Seth Klein about why B.C. urgently needs to go Beyond Gas. Delee and Seth lay out just how destructive the fracking industry is, not just to land and fresh water, but the communities in its path – and the global climate.


The Hidden Health Impacts of “Natural” Gas

From nitrogen dioxide exposure in your home to cancer clusters near fracking operations, so-called ‘natural’ gas comes with a long list of hidden health effects. Methane is also a major contributor to the climate crisis – which has its own impacts on public health.


Creating your Home Retrofit Road Map

Homes in B.C. crank out 4.1 million tonnes of carbon pollution a year, mostly from burning heating oil and fracked methane gas. If that doesn’t sit right with you, you can take action. But where should you start? What programs and rebates are available? And how can you spread out the cost? Tune in to hear from a certified energy advisor Rider Petch about how to make a plan that works for your family.


The Urgent Battle to Decarbonize B.C.

We have just nine years to cut carbon emissions in half but politicians and industry are still dragging us in the wrong direction. Here’s our plan to start turning the Titanic.


Gaslit: How the Fossil Fuel Industry Convinced Us to Burn Gas Indoors

Mother Jones reporter Rebecca Leber explains the campaign by fracking companies and big utilities to keep homes and public buildings hooked up to gas pipelines. We dig into the industry’s astroturf tactics and how they operate in B.C.


TMX Frontline Webinar

Kai Nagata, Alexandra Woodsworth and Cheryl Cameron provide an overview of mounting grassroots opposition on the ground along the route happening [March 2021], and describe how people can engage, whether supporting land defenders and frontline communities, joining construction monitoring efforts or taking collective political action.


Cut Carbon, Save Money, Build Community

In this conversation between Kai Nagata, Alexandra Woodsworth and Dave Mills, they explore hands-on steps each of us can take toward a healthier home, a healthier relationship with the land, and a healthier democracy. Both through changes in our own lives, and through collective political action.


It’s hard to tackle climate change when…

Turn down the heat! Walk to work! Eat less meat! Give $1 billion to oil and gas companies! Wait, what?? That can’t be right…


Aq’am Solar Farm

For the cost of one big dam, we could build hundreds of renewable energy projects in communities all across B.C.


Why is B.C. giving tax dollars to oil and gas companies?

ASK your B.C. election candidates: will they STOP giving our tax dollars to oil & gas companies?


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