Here’s a selection of our recent videos:

Groundhog Day

Conservatives attacking environmentalists, Joe Oliver writing op-eds to promote KXL, tree cutting in Burnaby… wait, what year is it?

“That’s right, woodchuck-chuckers. It’s Groundhog Day!”

Defend Farmland in B.C.

We can still stop the Site C dam – and save thousands of acres of premium agricultural land.

It’s hard to tackle climate change when…

Turn down the heat! Walk to work! Eat less meat! Give $1 billion to oil and gas companies! Wait, what?? That can’t be right…

Aq’am Solar Farm

For the cost of one big dam, we could build hundreds of renewable energy projects in communities all across B.C.

Why is B.C. giving tax dollars to oil and gas companies?

ASK your B.C. election candidates: will they STOP giving our tax dollars to oil & gas companies?

Meet Jason Kenney’s man in Ottawa

Why is Jason Kenney “delighted” about the new Conservative leader?

Take action! Ask Minister Freeland to build a clean post-COVID economy, not Trans Mountain.

Stopping Trans Mountain on the Brunette River

After 10 days in the treetops blocking Trans Mountain’s construction, Dr. Tim Takaro is going home.

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