Ready to take a more active role in solving the climate crisis in B.C.? You’ve come to the right place. Join a Dogwood team now and create a safer, more resilient province for us all.

Volunteering with Dogwood is about community. Driven by love for our neighbours and the places we live, local teams are building a movement of people who care deeply about climate justice, Indigenous rights and a healthy democracy.

Use your unique skills and passion to inspire more people to take action on climate.

By harnessing the power of everyday people, we can counter the influence of big corporations, change how decisions are made in B.C. and help protect our home, our neighbours and our future. We do that by having conversations with our friends, family and communities, and taking meaningful actions together at key moments to lock in political change. Join us!

There’s something for everyone, whatever your interests or experience. Join us!

In a world of digital overload and isolation, face-to-face conversations have never been more important. Learn to engage with people from all walks of life and help build the support needed to win change on critical issues.

Reaching people by phone is an important way to mobilize them at key moments. Activate Dogwood supporters from the comfort of your own home!

Names and contact info collected on pledge sheets need to be entered into our digital database. We need to be able to keep in touch with people who share our passion for climate action in B.C.! This simple remote task can be done from any location and on your own schedule, using easy-to-master digital tools.

From townhalls and film screenings to letter-writing and block parties, Dogwood volunteers find fun and creative ways to build connections with their neighbours and community members.

Dogwood works to lift up the voices of front-line land defenders and Indigenous communities asserting their rights.

A healthy democracy requires engagement beyond the ballot box! Between elections, volunteers meet with local leaders and political representatives on behalf of Dogwood supporters and hold them accountable on the issues we care about.

Volunteers put their creativity to work, e.g. organizing Art Builds to create banners and signs for eye-catching mobilizations

We’ll help you put your skills and interests to work in ways that make a measurable difference in
your community.