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Pipeline panel proves critics correct

08.26.16 | Commentary, Let BC Vote, No Tankers |  Kai Nagata

Why did Kinder Morgan panel chair publish her opinion before hearings conclude? Can you imagine a judge publishing her opinion on a criminal trial before either side has finished presenting evidence? Such an extraordinary legal error would trigger an immediate mistrial. Yet when the chair of a panel reviewing a major pipeline proposal submitted an […]

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Letter shows Trudeau ready to break promise on Kinder Morgan

08.11.16 | Commentary, Let BC Vote, No Tankers |  Kai Nagata

Oil tanker approval would betray written commitment by Liberals. Sitting in a Burnaby hotel ballroom this week across from three sheepish federal pipeline panelists, I couldn’t help but remember a conversation I had with Justin Trudeau one year ago. “All I want to know,” I asked at a campaign stop, “is does your NEB overhaul […]

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She was called out for conflict of interest. Her response is bizarre.

07.19.16 | Commentary, Let BC Vote, No Tankers |  Kai Nagata

Review panel member says her past with Kinder Morgan is no big deal. Imagine in the middle of a murder trial, it turned out one of the jurors was friends with the accused. The judge would have to call a mistrial and start over. Well, Texas pipeline company Kinder Morgan is in the same situation. […]

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Why No Climate Action? Follow The Money

06.27.16 | Ban Big Money, Commentary |  Kai Nagata

Big polluters donate big bucks to B.C. politicians Here’s a puzzle: Why is Enbridge, a Calgary-based pipeline operator, still donating money to politicians in B.C.? The company has given more than a quarter-million dollars so far, $248,535 to the BC Liberals and $9,800 to the NDP. Last year Enbridge wrote a dozen cheques to the […]

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CBC pretends Trans Mountain’s 69 oil spills never happened

05.27.16 | Commentary, Let BC Vote |  Kai Nagata

Truth is the first casualty of the pipeline wars The next time Canada’s public broadcaster publishes a column by Calgary pundit Duane Bratt, it should come with a disclaimer: Warning! Entering fact-free zone! This week, Bratt penned a passionate defence of the National Energy Board titled “It’s not a sham: A rebuttal to Mayor Robertson’s […]

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Whose pipelines are these, anyway?

05.16.16 | Commentary, No Tankers, Stand Up To China |  Kai Nagata

Crashing heavy oil prices great for China, Saudi Arabia “Oil to tidewater.” It’s an industry mantra happily adopted by politicians – and even some environmentalists. But ask yourself this: what happens when you pump more product into an oversupplied market? Answer: the price goes down. Who benefits from cheaper crude oil? First, the customers – like […]

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Meet the trophy-hunting clowns who dictate wildlife policy in B.C.

04.29.16 | Ban Big Money, Commentary |  Kai Nagata

Afro wigs, bananas and big cheques for the politicians in the room It’s Spring, which means the usual passel of foreign executives, weird dentists, and professional sports players are flying around B.C. looking for grizzly bears to kill. Whatever you think of hunting for meat, the Spring grizzly hunt is different. Having emerged from hibernation, […]

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Is Christy Clark “Getting to Yes” on Kinder Morgan?

03.24.16 | Commentary, Let BC Vote, No Tankers |  Kai Nagata

B.C. Premier’s oil tanker resistance could crumble if Site C, LNG are at stake The B.C. government’s lack of support for oil tankers on the West Coast has always been up for negotiation. Now, with two of Premier Christy Clark’s signature megaprojects held up by other jurisdictions, her administration appears to be removing obstacles to […]

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