BC Liberal candidate linked to U.S. trophy hunting Super PAC

Darren DeLuca auctioned off B.C. bear hunt for Safari Club International fundraiser

As a professional guide outfitter, Darren DeLuca has helped line the coffers of a U.S. political action group waging a global fight on behalf of trophy hunters. As a politician, DeLuca has also been funded by trophy hunting lobbyists in his own bid for power.

The BC Liberal candidate for Mid Island-Pacific Rim, DeLuca is a life member of Safari Club International, a controversial Arizona-based group that has donated at least $60,000 to help the pro-trophy hunting BC Liberals win the upcoming election.

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In 2014 DeLuca auctioned off a unique experience at SCI’s annual Las Vegas convention: a chance to kill a trophy Vancouver Island black bear in the company of himself and a famous U.S. fighter pilot, Scott O’Grady. The prize went for $30,000 USD.

screen shot from trophy hunting auction

Proceeds from this hunt support SCI’s Super PAC,” reads the auction listing, which is still online as of this writing. SCI-PAC is a multi-million-dollar political machine that boasts of having helped elect 147 pro-trophy hunting politicians to Congress.

Safari Club International celebrated a victory last week after President Donald Trump whose adult sons are avid trophy hunters repealed a law protecting bears and wolves in Alaska from hunting methods considered inhumane in most jurisdictions.

SCI’s annual Vegas auction is a major event, offering trips to kill exotic species all over the world while supporting political advocacy. SCI has taken a special interest in defeating the BC NDP because of the party’s pledge to end the commercial trophy hunt for grizzly bears.

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Darren DeLuca is vice-president of the Guide Outfitters Association of B.C., the group pictured accepting a $60,000 cheque from SCI for election work in a now-deleted Facebook post. GOABC has lobbied vigorously to keep the grizzly trophy hunt open in British Columbia.

There is no permanent grizzly bear population on Vancouver Island. But DeLuca’s Port Alberni-area luxury lodge offers visitors a chance to kill one of the Island’s famous black bears, or try a close-range shot at a cougar. “Cougars are chased with hounds and treed,” reads DeLuca’s website.

DeLuca was also the BC Liberal candidate in the riding of Alberni-Pacific Rim in 2013.  According to his election financing report, DeLuca received a $2,500 donation from the Guide Outfitters association.

Darren DeLuca poses with a dead bear

Darren DeLuca (left), BC Liberal candidate and life member of Safari Club International

Other donations to DeLuca’s campaign included $1,000 from Conservative Member of Parliament James Lunney, who later left the party after tweeting “stop calling evolution fact!”

DeLuca lost the 2013 race despite outspending incumbent NDP MLA Scott Fraser. The two will face off in a rematch on May 9. The Greens are running Alicia La Rue. Candidates’ donation disclosure forms for the current election will be due 90 days after voting day.

UPDATE: Dogwood does more than write great stories. Our volunteers worked to make sure voters in the riding of Mid-Island Pacific Rim who shared our values got to the polls in May. Big Money candidate Darren Deluca was defeated.

45 Responses to “BC Liberal candidate linked to U.S. trophy hunting Super PAC”

  1. It is how the liberals roll, most of the people of bc would rather hunt with a camera

    • Terrie Lynn Balmer says:

      I’ve read about the BC Liberals, and they are not “LIberal” at all and call themselves what they really, bloody Conservatives masquerading as Liberals to confuse the politically uneducated as to what Liberalism really means. talk about wolves in sheep’s clothing!

  2. Linda says:

    WTF. This piece of garbage needs to voted out NOW! I have no problem with hunting except trophy hunting it is disgusting

    • Cat says:

      I agree… but he is not our MLA. And running against the gentleman that Scott Fraser is… is a joke.

    • Terrie Lynn Balmer says:

      Then let’s all make him infamous on the new global village..”Social Media” and see how long he lasts and how well he does at the ballot box next election.

  3. Wendy Beckett says:

    AAARRRGGGHHHHHHHH! Another reason to get rid of Christy……..thieves stick together……

  4. Elaine says:

    This is not OK…😡 I, too, can understand hunting for food, trophy hunting is just sick..🤢

  5. Susan hodges says:

    97% against trophy hunting. This is dictatorship to not listen to the people.

  6. Arbutus T. Swindel says:

    Trophy hunters are serial killers, They dont kill for food, they kill for thrill and fun. Any politician that supports Trophy hunting is complicit!

  7. Carole says:

    They should be ashamed of them selves,

  8. OMG! I want to cry – I am crying …… why? why do these ‘people’ need to feed their egos in such a horrific way? I doubt they even thank these lives for their sacrifices! Booooooooo!!!

  9. science tells us: Leave the grizzlies alone!

  10. Mark says:

    Don’t split the left vote with going Green. Otherwise you might as well high five this guy.

    • Robin says:

      Worrying about vote-splitting is buying into being bullied by fear-mongers — almost as bad as those trophy hunters! Instead, vote for the person whom you honestly think would do the best job. The Greens are ahead in a lot of polls. So vote honestly — you deserve the best!

    • Keva says:

      Am not High Fiving anyone. I am Green because I know Green will protect our environment and our wildlife. NDP was a little notice party at one time too

  11. Klara van der Molen says:

    Sad and sickening is all I have to say— oh and yes don’t vote for the person with this mentality!

  12. Steve whitmore says:

    Well, if the folks of Mid Island-Pacific Rim elect Delucca, I’ll be taking my vactions elsewhere. I suspect others will do the same.

  13. Joe Viscount says:

    American money has no place buying influence in BC. ẞ there anyone who hasn’t paid to tango with the Libs?

  14. Ed says:

    GROSS. hunting for food is one thing if done humanely and fairly to give animals a chance at life but kill for the thrill has got to go but seems liberals biggest donors are all corrupt way of thinking and there wont be any safe habitat to support wildlife left if they get in again anyways

  15. Travis says:

    Please define trophy hunting all you greenies!

    • Sheila OBee says:

      Travis – How about killing for the sake of killing. How about killing for the thrill of killing. How about killing for ego only. How about killing for photo ops. How about killing for monetary gain. How about you justifying why it is so wonderful. How about you justifying killing hibernating bears in their dens. How about killing any animal mother and her babies in their dens. How about explaining the sportsmanship when a hunter has to bait, sit up in a tree hire someone to ensure they come home with their “trophy”.Trophy hunting is morally wrong. People who kill for anything other than sustenance are not hunters. They are glorified killers. I might add it is a rich person’s solution to boredom. The only good I can think of is it is one step down from killing humans. What is the next step when all the animals are gone? Every living thing on this earth has a purpose & is part & parcel of a chain that keeps the earth in balance. Keep disrupting, consequences will happen. Most likely not our generation but down the road. Greed, power & money is ruining all our lives in every way. When will it be enough?

      • Robin says:

        Right on! Excellent definition! Can we now finally move forward with conscious, educated respect for all species — and keep the environment in balance for future generations?

      • aaronbz says:

        Hey, Travis, while you’re avoiding writing a reply to Sheila’s excellent explanation, perhaps you could tell us what you mean by greenies

      • mel says:

        thank you for trying to help Travis enlighten himself about the practice of hunting our or any bears for a thrill. ( I do doubt he is open to learning other ways of seeing the situation though, unfortunately 🙁 Thank you for sharing your enlightened views with him and others here. take care,mel

      • el says:

        Well said. Thank you

    • Rob says:

      Its when a coward like you kills for no reason but to prove that your a man

  16. DAVE says:


    • Bruce Vereshagen says:

      Dave: Baiting bears is illegal in BC, so if you have some proof for your statement, then you should call 1-877-952-7277 (RAPP) and report him. If he is convicted he will lose his guide outfitters license and teritory and pay huge fines. He might even serve some time. On the other hand if you are just spreading baseless accusations then reporting him probably wouldn’t be very effective.

  17. Concerned British Columbian says:

    This upcoming election is so important to place Christy Clark beside the curb, with Stephen Harper.

    “The Green Vote isn’t even an educated choice people,” unless you truly want another four years of rampant corruption with Christy Clark.

    She certainly hasn’t done anything remotely positive for British Columbians.

    She even takes credit for “creating jobs ?”

    Unbelievable !

    How could anyone sane, believe such a massive pile of bs ?

    • MEL says:

      whole heartedly agree ! I think it will be wiser to vote NDP this time and have a greater chance of stopping that women from getting re-elected.

  18. Maureen Gabert says:

    What a puke!

  19. Mary-Jane Forshner says:

    Deluca should not be able to raise campaign contributions on the deplorable deaths of animals that have no chance to defend themselves!! This should not be legally allowed!!

  20. Quan Lee says:

    What’s really disgusting is Christy Clarks fake environmentalist handpuppet Andrew Weaver introducing a private members bill to make hunting bear legal as long as they EAT the meat. What a stupid bill! How is this going to be regulated? On the permit application:
    [ ] Please check if you pinkie swear promise to eat ALL the delicious bear meat AFTER you kill the bear and take the fur and paws.
    Or are we sending out the conservation officers Christy Clark laid off to sit down with the American SuperPac donors at dinner and make sure they eat every last bite of bear meat?
    Completely useless bill that only benefits BCLiberals, he should stick to writing more high heel bills that Christy Clark will collude and support >)

  21. Trisha Bunn says:

    One sick, repulsive human being. He’d be the last person to get my vote….next to Christy.

  22. Rosemary Miller says:

    Clark Tell Your Butchering Slaughtering Candidate DeLuca to keep his Trophy Hunting Yankie Friends And their Dark Blood Money Out of MY Country !!!! He cares nothing about the environment or its Wildlife ! We have seen what their corrupt money can do —– They can corrupt their own Country –I am sure the two Trump Boys Dumb and Dumber are real proud of Safari Club Murderers ! I guess when you can go as low as the gutter as Eric Trump does – then like his Father you will do anything to win – This piece of scum stole the Donations from the St. Judes Hospital – donations that were given to him as Patron of the Eric Trump Foundation for “Children with Cancer ” and funnelled the money into the Trump Organization with Daddy’s blessings ! That’s what Dark MONEY Creates ! We dont want it in Canadian Politics – tell DeLuca to cross the floor to the P.C. Party , he is better suited there ! He will not bring American Corruption into our Elections -nor into our environment and he sure as Hell will not sacrifice Canada’s Wildlife to these slaughtering “Kill For The Thrill ” Trophy Hunters for DARK MONEY to fund his campaign!

  23. Dan Paulks says:

    This is obscene. The disgusting nature of a candidate’s contempt for the assets of BC. I understand sustenance hunting, however trophy hunting and hanging prizes on the wall for money is offensive beond words.

  24. Gary markotich says:

    Although I’m from Ontario , I’ve travelled the length and breadth of what is arguably Canada’s most beautiful province. I hope BC voters see the light and realize candidates like DeLuca are running only to advance their own interests. Trophy hunting is abhorrent to most people including tourists, which contribute far more to the BC economy than a few deep-pocketed hunters who like to plaster their walls with animal parts!

  25. John Fraser says:

    It ‘s shooting for the pleasure of killing the biggest and best genetic stock. Not for eating it, but for the infantile need to kill something that could eat them for breakfast. Maybe from 1/4 of a mile away.
    Brave huh?
    No one out here minds a cleanly killed animal being hunted for food, it’s better meat and more humane than factory farmed animals. But ‘trophy hunting’ is a rich man’s sport reserved for dweebs from the city, and done from the back of a luxury 4×4.
    There are sports that get you into a situation where skill and training keep you alive. But trophy hunters? Give us a break. First, guided ‘hunts’. They’re a paid excursion with the sole intention of killing an animal for money. Second, killing with a rifle proves nothing other than marksmanship, and with these folk that skill is generally lacking. These people must have pretty sorry self esteem. No idea why people can’t just enjoy watching wildlife unless they’re hungry. Then go ahead but at least eat the damn thing. John F.

  26. Linda says:

    Trophy hunting individuals disgust me. Put your MONEY into saving our planet and wildlife, rather then contributing to the problem. Those poor animals have no way to protect themselves from your guns or arrows…. guess that makes you feel powerful and strong … SO SAD.

  27. Marie-france Royer says:

    Je suis écoeuré de toute cette tuerie.

  28. MTurner says:

    Killing for the sake of killing. Shameful and Disgusting! Says alot about the ppl who do this. Wirh all actions, there will be consequences. These are God’s creatures, not created for sport killing.

  29. Joe mcfadden says:

    You have to wonder what’s missing in their lives to fill it with killing a beautiful animal , they’ve taken something away from all of us! Let’s face it there’s shit! Pardon my language. I’d say let’s forgive them if they can face what ugliness is inside them.

  30. M Novac says:

    Our family enjoys wild fish and meat. We eat what we catch and we are grateful for the sustenance that the animals’ lives provide us with. The deviant and abhorrent behaviour that rich f***ers with loads of money and no apparent morals display to quench their murderous personalities is beyond the pale. And this is legal in Christie Clark’s B.C., not to mention in other parts of Canada. A time for change is long overdue.

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