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How to kill a pipeline

04.13.15 | No Tankers, Op-Ed, Strategy |  Kai Nagata

A version of this article originally appeared in The Tyee. On the night of April 12, 2014, I was a long way from the North Coast. Surrounded by a ballroom full of grey-haired guys in camo vests and stone-washed Levis, I drained another can of Bone Beer and checked my raffle tickets. I had that […]

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Climate change is not a left-right issue

03.23.15 | In Depth, Strategy |  Kai Nagata

Climate change shouldn’t be a left-wing versus right-wing political issue. I might take some flak for saying this, but “progressives” who claim only they have the correct ideas to fix the world are guilty of terrible hubris. And for “conservatives” to align themselves uncritically with global oil corporations betrays either intellectual laziness or cowardice. All […]

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How does the Let BC Vote campaign fit into federal election organizing and beyond?

02.12.15 | Commentary, Let BC Vote, Strategy |  Kai Nagata

Like many people, I joined Dogwood Initiative because of its unique citizens’ initiative strategy. As we approach the one-year anniversary of the Let BC Vote campaign launch, I find myself reflecting on where we were at the beginning of 2014, how far we’ve come since and of course what’s next. Most of the people I […]

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Does the MLA for Burnaby North know something we don’t about Kinder Morgan?

12.05.14 | Commentary, Let BC Vote |  Kai Nagata

In case you hadn’t heard, the B.C. government has five conditions for any company proposing to transport heavy oil to the coast. The first condition is “Successful completion of the environmental review process.” Under the equivalency agreement signed by the BC Liberals in 2010, the province accepts the outcome of Ottawa’s pipeline approval process as […]

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We won big on election day

12.01.14 | Actions, Commentary, Election - municipal 2014 |  Kai Nagata

It’s election night, and I’m sitting in Dogwood’s Vancouver office waiting for the polls to close. There’s a newspaper in my bag with headlines that read Kirk LaPointe, pro-pipeline candidate for mayor of Vancouver, has the wind at his back. Kinder Morgan ads have been popping up on my computer screen all week. I’m nervous. […]

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Dogwood mails oil samples to show risks of shipping oil

11.28.14 | Media |  Kai Nagata

Dogwood Initiative has mailed a provocative letter containing a sample of heavy oil to homes across British Columbia. Each sample is a take on the traditional direct mail marketing tactic but instead of dish soap, miniature tanker-shaped packs are filled with black, gooey simulated oil. On the back of each sample there’s a disclaimer: WARNING: […]

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Where was Premier Clark while Della was being arrested?

11.25.14 | Commentary, Let BC Vote, Organizing |  Kai Nagata

I’m used to singing the national anthem at hockey games, not while watching an RCMP officer put a grandmother in handcuffs. Yesterday, a couple dozen of us walked slowly up Burnaby Mountain behind 74-year-old Della Glendenning, a woman whose worst prior offence, she told us, had been a library fine. We sang a capella as […]

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Sorry if that e-mail I sent was creepy

11.15.14 | Commentary, In Depth |  Kai Nagata

I’m writing to apologise if you’re one of the Dogwood supporters who felt creeped out by an e-mail I sent on Wednesday. It’s the one that showed up in your inbox like this: {FIRST NAME}, our records show you haven’t voted in {MUNICIPALITY} If you opened the e-mail, the first line went like this: “Pardon […]

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