Video: Kinder Morgan’s razor wired fortress

Image source: Twitter, @BCSeaWolves

No Tankers campaigner, Sophie Harrison, with an update on Kinder Morgan’s plans to move forward with their oil tanker expansion. 

Take action to protect B.C. from Kinder Morgan now by sending a letter to Premier John Horgan demanding he hold the company accountable for their illegal salmon spawning mats.

6 Responses to “Video: Kinder Morgan’s razor wired fortress”

  1. Christina Wilson says:

    If anyone ever wanted to make a cartoon about evil forces trying to take over the world, Kinder Morgan would be the perfect villain. It is pure greed, and it will be our own resources that will end up being sucked dry. Just the fact that they installed the anti-spawning mats shows what they are all about. Talk about arrogance, why isn’t someone going to jail for this? Oh wait, I know, it’s because they are rich and powerful and no one wants to touch them. Thank God we have a better government now that might actually be interested in protecting the environment.

  2. Mahri Brasfield says:


  3. Lazarus Dufiore says:

    Come onnnnnn!!!!

  4. Elisabeth Hart says:

    We don’t want the kinder Morgan pipeline!

  5. Darrell Syme says:

    Defending the liberals in court now? Wow I thought I gave my vote to the right person….

  6. Steven Graham says:

    It is your duty to protect the environment and the people and the people say NO!!!

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