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On Feb. 8, Enbridge released a video attacking a recent poll conducted by Justason Market Intelligence on behalf of Dogwood Initiative and three other organizations. The poll found that nearly two-thirds of British Columbians oppose allowing crude oil supertankers in B.C.’s northern coastal waters.

Will Horter, Dogwood Initiative’s executive director, said this in response:

“Enbridge’s attack does not change the validity or significance of the overwhelming opposition to expanding crude oil traffic in B.C. Two-thirds of British Columbians oppose an expansion of oil tankers in B.C.’s coastal waters.

“Quibbling with the wording of the poll doesn’t change these facts, and we stand by the results of the poll.”


“In the spirit of the balanced and fair public conversation that Enbridge says it welcomes, we would like to invite Enbridge to collaborate on jointly commissioning a new poll that asks about both pipelines and the oil tankers that inevitably come with them. Together, Enbridge and Dogwood Initiative could develop a question that describes the full scope and location of the proposal and then work together with an independent polling organization to field it.  We could split the costs and release the results publicly. This is a sincere offer, and we hope Enbridge will accept.”


“The final question in the poll asked what type of organization the respondent thought sponsored it, and the largest percentage (34 per cent) thought the poll was paid for by an organization in support of Enbridge’s proposal. Only 16 per cent thought an organization against the proposal was behind the poll. If we had been trying to make this a push poll, we didn’t do a very good job of it.

“We commissioned this poll because we believe it’s important to be honest about the full scope of pipeline and oil tanker projects in British Columbia. That means including the dramatic increase in oil supertanker traffic that would result if Enbridge’s proposal goes through. Other recent polls about both Enbridge’s proposal and the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain expansion project don’t mention oil tankers.

“Telling only half the story is biased, which is why we invite Enbridge to collaborate with us on a poll that is honest about the full scope of the proposal.”


“Our pollster, Barb Justason, did an excellent job refuting Enbridge’s criticisms in her statement today.

“In taking one sentence out of context and calling it misleading, Enbridge itself omitted relevant facts and made misleading statements. We are confident that our questions are fair when put in context, and the results of the poll will hold up under scrutiny.”

“Dogwood Initiative looks forward to hearing from Enbridge about our offer to collaborate on a poll that tells the whole story about their proposal, including the crude oil supertankers that would come to the northern inside coastal waters of B.C. for the first time.”

(See all the questions and results of the poll)

Up until now, crude oil supertankers have not entered B.C.’s inside passage because of concerns about oil spills. The federal government is now considering allowing crude oil supertankers through these waters. Do you support or oppose allowing crude oil supertankers though B.C.’s northern inside coastal waters? Is that strongly or somewhat?


Some people say our governments are best able to make informed decisions about proposals like Enbridge’s pipelines and tanker proposal without involving the public. Others say that the public should participate in decision-making processes like this. Which is closer to your view?


The National Energy Board’s Joint Review Panel recently reviewed Enbridge’s pipelines and tanker proposal. It is recommending Ottawa approve the project if it meets 209 conditions. Do you basically trust or distrust the Joint Review Panel process? Is that strongly or somewhat?

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