MPs join online rally against pandemic bailout for oil companies

Student climate strikers hold online rally, deliver more than 56,000 signatures to parliament

In what may be the first event of its kind, MPs from three political parties logged on to speak with constituents at a digital rally Friday. Laurel Collins (NDP), Elizabeth May (Green), and Nathaniel Erskine-Smith (Liberal) accepted a spreadsheet containing thousands of petition signatures from Canadians. Each vowed to oppose any government bailout that put oil & gas corporations ahead of workers and communities hit hard by COVID-19.

920 people attended the lunchtime meeting on Zoom, with thousands more viewing a livestream. The event was emceed by teenage climate strikers Sam Lin and Emma-Jane Burian. It’s the first Friday climate rally since the Coronavirus pandemic shut down schools Canada-wide and ended in-person gatherings for the foreseeable future. You can watch the full video here (stick around for the chants at the end!)

As speakers Kukpi7 Judy Wilson, Tzeporah Berman and Alexandra Woodsworth reminded the crowd, the current health crisis does not replace the housing crisis, clean water crisis or climate crisis. Instead it calls us to fight for investments that protect public health and accelerate a clean energy transition, while tackling the inequities that make us vulnerable in the first place.

Here are some more highlights from the #PeopleNotPolluters rally!

Many thanks to organizers at Sustainabiliteens, Our Earth Our future, Leadnow, Dogwood and for pulling this event together. See you next time!

Send your message to finance minister Bill Morneau and his cabinet colleagues: Save lives, not pipelines!

3 Responses to “MPs join online rally against pandemic bailout for oil companies”

  1. Cecelia Keyes says:

    I certainly stand in solidarity with you all!

  2. Steve Abbott says:

    I’m betting we could have even more people join the next time. Well done all! So glad to have had this low carbon footprint alternative to rallying on Parliament Hill.

  3. Rebecca SMith says:

    Governments have reduced environmental protections during these times – protest all you want but this is not going to happen. Huge bailouts will happen – and it will be glorious for my RRSP!! Would be political suicide to not bail out an industry which employs so many Canadians. Liberals already don’t get any seats out of Alberta … would be writing off the prospect of any in the coming election if they didn’t bail them out.

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