The first ever Dogwood podcast!

Our first podcast!

Join Dogwood’s Kai Nagata as he checks in with Tankers campaigner Sophie Harrison and director of organizing Laura Benson about Dogwood’s plan to stop Kinder Morgan’s pipeline. Ban Big Money campaigner Lisa Sammartino discusses Christy Clark’s 2016 donations, and Beyond Coal campaigner Arie Ross tells us what impact President Trump will have on U.S. thermal coal being exported through B.C. ports.

Have an idea for a name for our podcast? Comment below or tweet us @dogwoodbc.

9 Responses to “The first ever Dogwood podcast!”

  1. How do you propose to help keep the vote on the left from splitting between the Greens and the NDP in the upcoming provincial election?

    • SandrDee says:

      Good question, Joanna.

    • Kai Nagata says:

      Hi Joanna, we’ll be surveying candidates in every riding and publishing those results later in the spring to help people make their choice. However, our job is not to tell people who to vote for. We can help get people to the polls, but what they do in the ballot box is up to them.

  2. SandraDee says:

    Oh! And I really enjoyed your first-ever podcast. Thanks, Kai and Everyone.

  3. Barry Faires says:

    This is the first podcast I have ever experienced. Dogwood Initiative is bold and wonderful. Kai and the rest of the team are doing an amazing job. I stand with you all!

  4. Walden Kunz says:

    Congratulations – a very professional podcast. I was worried at first when I saw the length of the podcast, but every speaker was well-spoken and easy to listen to. My only suggestion, if it’s possible, is to change the length to two 15 minute podcasts during the month. I was worried with the podcast over 30 minutes that I would be called away and not be able to finish it, then get distracted and not get back to the rest of it. Thanks for a job well done.

    BTW, it’s nice to hear that Kinder Morgan is not a done deal, but I’m working hard to get as many as possible to sign up on so we can force a pipeline referendum.

  5. Judy Gaylord says:

    I agree with the comments by Walden Kunz. Thinking of ideas for names, how about Subwoofer or the Dogwood Bark? Or Dogwood Bite?

  6. I enjoyed listening to it. Hisao

  7. Ian MacKenzie says:

    The name of the entire series of broadcasts could be Dog-gone. Then, depending on the issues discussed, each Dog-gone podcasts could be more precisely named, such as Dog-gone tankers 1(the first time tankers are discussed) , or Dog-gone payola1, tankers 2 (the first time monetized buyouts are discussed combined with the second time tankers are discussed etc.)

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