B.C. Election: Update 1

With the B.C. election officially underway Charles & Christina talk about which issues they expect to dominate the airways in the next four weeks and Dogwood’s strategy to get out the vote.

Join us at VoteBC.ca.

10 Responses to “B.C. Election: Update 1”

  1. marolyn says:

    Why has there been little mention re environment?

  2. Ron Craven says:

    I went to Votebc.ca to find out who’s running in my riding, Boundary-Similkameen and my riding isn’t even there let alone any of the candidates running in my riding. You need to fix that fast.

    • Lisa Sammartino says:

      Hi Ron, your riding doesn’t appear becuase no candidates have completed the survey yet. Please encourage them to do so! – Lisa

  3. Gene Allen says:

    Well, I don’t trust either of the front runners! We need to stop the pipelines and fish farms on our coast!

  4. Tracey says:

    I’m excited to join the phone program! It is something that made me nervous at first because I didn’t know what to expect when folks answered my call, but after calling with Dogwood in the last municipal and federal elections, I’m so excited to reach out to fellow dogwood supporters to get out the vote. I am always impressed by the warm responses from our people and our mutual love for this amazing province. Together we can make a real difference and I am so grateful to be apart of it. Helping people get to the polls is one of the most empowering democratic experiences I’ve ever had.

  5. Virginia Gareau says:

    I think your format is poor but possibly that opinion is based on my age (89 ) I will be interested to hear what others think about it!

  6. lasnomadas says:

    All I can afford to donate is my time.

  7. Maureen Adkin says:

    I believe our best choice for B.C. is the green party so I will be Voting for them. All the best to you, Maureen

  8. Paul Esslinger says:

    I am handicapped, but can drive people to polling stations, if they come out and I don’t have to climb stairs.

  9. Cecile Lemay says:

    I would NEVER vote for Clarke as CLEARLY LIKE TRUDEAU IS AN OIL LOVER! Care more about lining their pockets today than their own future descents. Like Dianne Watts is a Coal Lover. Cannot comprehend how these pple sleep @ night knowing they are helping to destroy the one & only planet their OWN CHILDREN have to survive on!!

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