The satisfACTION blog is about activism in British Columbia – the methods, theories, and stories of how people are working together for more perfect communities . Ever felt a need to change things, but don’t know where to start?  I’ll showcase opportunities for personally satisfying and meaningful actions.


My name’s Eric – I’m Dogwood Initiative’s Corporate Campaigner. That means my day-day focus is on creating and leveraging financial pressure to supplement Dogwood’s campaigns.

But I’m a generalist at heart, and I think most activists and advocates are.  Everybody at Dogwood is continuously striving to connect with people in deeper and more meaningful ways – to drill down to core desires and dreams for the future – and to give people the newest and best tools to fight for that desired future against powerful and often entrenched opposing ideas.

When we hold ourselves back, we do ourselves a disservice

Many of us hold ourselves back from dreaming big, because we don’t think that the kind of societal change we envision is possible or realistic. But when we hold ourselves back, we do ourselves a disservice; we deny the power of coordinated action.

I think it’s as easy, and complicated, as giving people what they need to feel good about doing something for the sake of change!

 satisfACTION Revels in the Power of Coordinated Action

I don’t mean ‘revel’ like get a crazy look in your eye and get all Tobey Maguire in Spiderman 3 when the Venom alien symbiote goo takes control.

I mean more like having a good time while taking it to the streets, writing letters, and monkey-wrenching stuff to the point where your ideas become widespread opinion, politicians get on side, and you start ratcheting victories against the third largest corporation in the world.

That is what this blog is about – it’s all about getting satisfaction out of action!

So You Should Regularly Read This Blog if…

  1. You like stories about how people have acted for change in BC – some of whom succeeded…some of whom failed.
  2. You like to stay on top of what BC individuals and groups are up to ‘action-wise’.
  3. You like learning about the methods, theories, and tools used to organize social change.
  4. You say: ‘enough with the reading…more with the doing’. Each post will offer up a satisfying and meaningful action.