Join me this season by sending a Holiday Dogwood Loonie package toyour friends and family. Visit our website and fill out an order onbehalf of your lucky recipients and I will pre-wrap and send them offfor you!

As I get older, and deeper in student debt,  my family and friends tend to talk money during the holidays.  It’s practical and helps me to continue working on things I care about.  I still want my holiday to be meaningful though so this year, my money will talk for me and actually say something I can stand behind!  Every dollar my family gives I will swath in loonie decals!

It’s the season for giving they say, I say it’s time to start giving a darn about what matters.  Help me keep tankers off the North Coast and build a community of engaged British Columbians.

If you’d like to add a more personal touch add your message to theAdditional Information box and I will make sure that it’s communicated. Get your order in soon, so I can send them off to you before the holidays (though I can’t promise they’ll be in your mailbox by December 25th).

No Tanker Loonies

Click the loonies or link below to order!

Fundraising update
And thanks to everyone who has donated to our year-endfundraising campaign. We’re just $5000 away from our goal of raising $50,000.Click on the donate link below to help us make it over the top. 

Your generosity makes our campaigns possible. Thanks foryour support!