Question 4.

Will leaders in Capital Region be able to stop reckless development on the Wild Coast and the Saanich Peninsula?

Vancouver Island is a special place because it has the potential to preserve large tracts of green space in close proximity to its urban centers. But if leadership doesn’t step forward soon, this unique feature could disappear quickly. A number of proposals are being promoted that could irreparably alter the future livability of the region.

Economic problems in the farming and forestry industries create short term incentives for land owners to sell resource land to developers. So forests in Highlands and Langford fell to bulldozers to make the Bear Mountain fiasco possible. Now Western Forest Products wants to sell 5,700 aresc in 61 parcels to the highest bidder. While part of the Vantreight farm in central Saanich could be subdivided for tract homes.

For those that want to preserve the livability of our neighborhoods remember once we allow someone to build a subdivision on a farm or forest its gone for the next 300 – 400 years.

The good news is that the Capital Regional District (CRD) and municipalities already have legislation to prohibit reckless development in favour of promoting food sovereignty, affordable housing, and sustainable transportation, but those rules are consistently bent in favour of developers seeking to make a buck. How long can we continue to prioritize short term economic growth (development) over the sustainability and livability of our communities?

Dogwood’s campaign to stop reckless development has generated an enormous level of support from the community.  Coalitions are building between residents affected by proposals and labour, environmental, anti poverty, food sovereignty and recreation groups.  Our network of concerned residents is growing. People are coming together to fight for the future of their home. It is clear that this topic is becoming a huge issue that local politicians will need to respond to.

Perhaps those pro-growth at all costs elected officials need to be reminded that elections are only 21 months away.

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