Fracking for LNG far worse for the climate than burning coal, research shows

Oil and gas lobbyists have been saying it for years: if other countries burn “natural” gas from B.C. instead of coal, it will lower global emissions. The problem is, it’s not true.

Fracking wells, gas pipelines and LNG tankers all leak unburned methane. Once it’s in the atmosphere, methane traps far more heat than carbon dioxide, warming the planet.

New research from Cornell University builds on previous findings by academics and government scientists in Canada, and around the world. It shows fracking for LNG is a dangerous mistake.

When you add up all the methane leaked along its journey overseas, the impact on the climate is worse than burning coal. That’s why we need to end fracking – and focus on renewable energy.

B.C. politicians are still parroting oil and gas lobbyists. They say fracking for LNG is our gift to the world. But the science is clear: it’s actually making climate change worse.

Send your local representative Bill McKibben’s article in the New Yorker detailing the latest research on LNG. Then ask them: will you listen to science, and stop pretending fracking is good for the climate?

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