U.S. trophy hunters pass the hat for Christy Clark

Safari Club International sends $60,000 to shore up BC Liberal election campaign

If there’s one thing Donald Trump’s sons, Porsche-driving dentists and Texas oil barons love most, it’s straddling the lifeless body of an exotic endangered animal.

Chilled by the prospect of losing that opportunity in British Columbia, U.S. trophy hunters are digging deep to ensure the reelection of Premier Christy Clark.

As the Canadian chapter of Safari Club International explained in a Facebook post last Friday, “NDP have vowed to end the Grizzly hunt in BC if elected. SCI chapters from CANADA and the USA banded together donating $60000.00” (sic).

The payment appears to be made out to the Guide Outfitters Association of British Columbia, an organization known for inviting BC Liberal ministers to bizarre minstrel shows and giving them lots of money.

The Guide Outfitters lobby vigorously to maintain a commercial grizzly bear “harvest” in British Columbia, which attracts wealthy customers from around the world.

Trophy hunters of BC

The Safari Club photo offers a rare glimpse into how the B.C. Guide Outfitters fund their political war chest. “Together working with GOABC to prevent the NDP from getting elected and ending the hunt,” says the caption.

It is unclear whether the money will be donated directly to the BC Liberals or pay for other anti-NDP activities.

B.C. Premier Christy Clark is a vocal supporter of the trophy hunting industry and a past winner of the Guide Outfitter association’s President’s Award.

The BC Liberals have refused to change the province’s political financing laws, which allow them to take unlimited money from corporations and wealthy donors anywhere in the world.

The next provincial election will be held on May 9, 2017. If you support reforms to British Columbia’s donation laws, please sign Dogwood’s #BanBigMoney petition today.

20 Responses to “U.S. trophy hunters pass the hat for Christy Clark”

  1. Ona J. head says:

    Yes,I support the reforms to British Columbia’s donation laws .

  2. Supporting the grizzly hunt, and all hunting and conservation efforts is a good thing!

    • rawn homer says:

      not a real sport. Christy Clark not a real good person.

    • kathleen labelle says:

      You must be joking !!! Killing beautiful, wild animals, like grizzlies, that are living in their own environments where Nature intended them to be ….. is a good thing ? SMH.

    • Chris says:

      I used to hunt for food. It’s not ‘conservation’. Conservation would involve just staying out of their habitat and minding your own business in town.

      ‘Redneck Logic’ is something that compels the ignorant, the homely, the man unsure of his place in the world , to try to dominate anything he can.

      So nope, shooting bears isn’t ‘conservation’ unless you’ve already wiped out their natural territories and food supplies therein.

      Then it’s humanly destroying the animal as ids scavenging for food in human populated areas and poses a risk.

      Any other reasoning is ‘good ol boy’ logic :

      ” I is him what Jesus gives dominion over beasts for to serve me “

  3. G M Bligh-Shuck says:

    Down with trophy hunters…don’t care where they come from. Animals shouldn’t have to die to stroke some backward trophy hunter’s ego.

  4. Ian Giles says:

    Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Please end the partnership between the Canadian Government and Safari Club International. This is an historical partnership that is needing to be ended.
    It is 2016, and wildlife is under severe threat.
    Thanks for bringing progressive ideas to Canada. Hopefully they extend to include this oversight.

  5. Ian Giles says:

    Stop the disgusting fraud and corruption.
    We all know what you are doing, and you are going to fail.

    The fallout from the conflict of interest (hunters employed as conservationists) is significant and requires urgent action if we are to save wildlife.
    This is what is going on:
    • Working agreements between USFWS and Safari Club International (and likely others like Dallas Safari Club, etc.)
    • Eradication of predators in order to justify killing next in line as required in order to maintain ecological balance etc.
    • Failure to completely prevent hunting of elephant, rhino, lion, wolf and other endangered species
    • Failure to list endangered species as endangered in order to keep hunting
    • Passing laws with loop holes that allow American hunters to continue killing elephant and other African wildlife
    • Hunt clubs directly paying significantly large funds to “researchers” in order to support hunting. (Eg, Dallas Safari Club payments to WildCRU in Oxford)
    • Hunt Clubs like Safari Club International, Dallas Safari Club and others mislabeling themselves as “conservation” organizations and “philanthropists” in order to attain 501 (c) status as non-profit organizations. They are hunters, not conservationists, and are certainly not philanthropic in any way.
    • The 501 (c) designation allows them to be classified as “charitable” organizations and to receive “donations” as charities from citizens making purchases on websites like Amazon Smile and other vendors.
    • The associations between Safari Club International, Dallas Safari Club and USFWS are so close as to be inseparable.
    • The director of USFWS is a hunter and flaunts this online and in his associations with hunt club leadership.
    • SCI and USFWS jointly approach African Governments for “secret meetings”.
    • World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is similarly tainted, likely as a direct result of the conflict of interest occurring at a higher level, namely at the USFWS / SCI / DSC level.
    • This leads to the abuse of WWF donations in order to sustain the practice of hunting.
    • In Namibia for example, WWF has encouraged hunting to be sustained to the shock and horror of charitable donors.
    • African corruption has its roots in the conflict of interest in the US systems.
    • Connections with the gun industry and NRA are also likely involved
    • All petitions relating to the conflict of interest end up being destroyed by the director of USFWS and there appears to be no independent oversight of USFWS or other conservation organizations
    • All conservation downstream are implicated because they go along with the charade and are too afraid to speak up. Possibly because they are unaware of the relatively easy opportunity to enhance conservation efforts.

  6. This is not governance; this is a corporate cow in a field of bullshit and bollocks. BC is done with this type of parliamentary puppetry…we deserve better.

  7. Brad Olthof says:

    In the US, the land of Corporate Influence, a whiff of foreign money in an election is enough to bring down a president. In BC its business as usual!

  8. Ian Taylor says:

    They should hunt Grizzly bears but no guns hand to hand combat.

    • Lise Richard says:

      YES! That’s exactly. If you want to trophy hunt – go ahead… but don’t do it like a coward from atop a jeep or other protected vehicle with a long distance scope and rifle…. get down and dirty… hand to hand combat with a Griz. If you win – you live and get to keep the pelt. If you lose… then balance has been restored to the world.

  9. George Rammell says:

    Guide outfitters claim those of us who want to make BC a Grizzly sanctuary are just acting on emotion, not science. But those who shoot Grizzlies are just after the emotional thrill and the emotional boost to their egos in their trophy rooms, they don’t have science on their side. There’s little to learn from looking at bears through a rifle scope. The ministry has gagged their own biologists who state the hunt is unsustainable

  10. Linda McLean says:

    Killing is not a “SPORT”, how ignorant to ever think it is! Do you see the animals with high powered scopes, ATV’s, etc. etc.?. Sport is a competition not killing.

  11. Bill M says:

    A favorite nursery rhyme the people play for their children (of which their parents played for them)

  12. Fat men with guns. Same old story. No surprise they’re Trump supporters; no surprise, either, that they’re in bed — metaphorically speaking — with Christy Clark.

  13. wp says:

    So not voting for clark, she doesn’t give a crap about the every day working people, only the rich. She makes me vomit.

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