YES, I call on B.C. politicians to stop taking money from corporations, unions and out-of-province donors, and bring in laws that Ban Big Money in Politics.


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Tell them to Ban Big Money in Politics

Dear Members of the B.C. Legislature,

You have the power to end the corrupting influence of money in politics and restore public trust in our democracy.

Please bring in laws to:

– ban out-of-province donations;
– ban corporate and union money;
– limit individual contributions; and
– end secret cash-for-access events.

I am not alone — 86 per cent of British Columbians say it’s time to Ban Big Money in politics. Global investors in real estate or oil and gas should not be able to buy influence over local decisions. Enough is enough.

Start listening to British Columbians — the real people who live and work in your community — rather than the interests of foreign businesses. Ban corporate, union and out-of-province donations in politics now.


Your constituents, the people of British Columbia.

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