British Columbians support strong Ban Big Money laws

The government has finally tabled legislation to Ban Big Money. But we can’t rest yet. Call your MLA to ensure these laws are truly the gold standard.

British Columbians have made it clear. We want individual donations to be capped at under $1,000 per year. The current proposal of $1,200 is close, but still leaves most people out-spent — we don’t have an extra $100/month to spend on a political party donation, do you?

Let’s make sure Ban Big Money laws benefit everyday British Columbians. Call your MLA now.

Some helpful tips:

  • Introduce yourself as a voter from their riding.
  • Show your support for the ban on corporate, union and out-of-province donations they’ve proposed.
  • Explain what you want: Strong limits on individual donations. A majority of British Columbians want to see a cap on individual donations at less than $1,000. (Here are more details if you need them!)

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