What the fax?!

Don’t let them silence you. Submit your comment by fax to the NEB’s oil tanker review.

Look. This thing is clearly rigged. And they are trying to suppress public participation. So let’s flood ’em with letters. Again.

Last month, the National Energy Board announced a one-week comment period on the scope of their new review. They refused to accept e-mails. So they received more than 10,000 comments by fax instead.

Now, they’re powering forward with their new review — ignoring the threat of climate change, again! And they’ve opened up another comment period. Deadline: November 20.

Don’t have a fax machine at home? Fear not! You can send your fax online with just a couple clicks. We’ll send your comment straight to the NEB, and to your Member of Parliament.

Submit your comment at www.NoTankers.ca

11 Responses to “What the fax?!”

  1. Brad zuck says:

    Please build that pipeline. Canada’s energy sector needs it. Along with more profits for the large corporations comes more wages for the workers and govt coffers.

  2. Judith Brooks says:

    Please start being accountable to both climate concerns and the rights of indigenous people to be consulted. Do your job in an ethical and fair way unlike the previous review procedure that was declared inadequate in the courts. Stop wasting time and money in such a flawed procedure—again. Learn and change from your previous try.

  3. Joe says:

    For the umpteenth time . . . NEVER MIND TRYING TO DODGE YOUR RESPONSIBILITY . . . AGAIN?

  4. The planet cannot sustain expanded fossil fuel development – we need to ramp down and transition to renewable energy as quickly as possible.

  5. Joanne Hastie says:

    Increased tanker traffic significantly increases the risk of an oil spill, which significantly increases the risk to countless species. Why is this significance being ignored by the NEB? Do we just wait for disaster and hope a little Dawn will clean it all up & everything will be ok? It won’t be ok & I object adamantly, on behalf of those who cannot speak for themselves but whose very existence depends on the decisions we make.

  6. Paul Landrecht says:

    We don’t want the Tanker Traffic in the Salish Sea. Kinder Morgan can stop its environmental assault on the West Coast because we will always say no to Bitumen shipping increases on our coast.
    We will not support the Federal Governments OilSands project because they do not have Indigenous consent to proceed with the project.

  7. Gabriela Sierra says:

    We, citizen of Bc are tired of false claims, stunt reviews and climate denial. Increasing tankers traffic in the Burrard Inlet is extremely irresponsible, clearly prioritizing corporate interest over environment, again. It’s time to stop.

  8. Jedd House says:

    NEB: Please step into the 21st century and consider the impact of potential oil tanker accidents on the BC coast line.

  9. Rhonda Hill says:

    You ignore climate change and the ongoing threat of this project and its ramifications at the expense of future generations who have no voice to affect your decisions.
    You have no right.
    And the people will stand against any decision you may make in favour of letting this go ahead.

  10. Elaine Findlay says:

    Only humans would be so stupid as to poison their environment and think they can survive. Please don’t let greed become more important than the future of your Grandchildren and their children and their children; they will have NO future in a poisoned environment. We all need to learn to become good ancestors.

  11. Susan Salvati says:

    We must transition away from fossil fuels; nevermind trying to increase avenues of export. We are depending on Prime Minister Trudeau to lead on this vital issue in order to set an example for other countries.

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