Here’s what thousands of British Columbians had to say.

In January 2018, Dogwood sent an e-mail to our folks asking for thoughts, concerns and insights around the future of B.C. and Canada when it comes to our environment and democracy. 3,608 people responded. Here’s what they told us…


1. Climate change should be THE thing Canada focuses on over the next 10 years.

When asked to rank some of Canada’s most pressing issues, Dogwood-ers came up with the following list of priorities:

Climate change 4.66 (out of 5)

Health care 4.33

Economic inequality 4.3

Reconciliation with First Nations peoples 4.17

Voter apathy 4

International conflict 3.7


2. Environmental protection in our home province is most important.

Protecting our environment narrowly beat out climate change on our list of important issues facing B.C.

Environmental protection 4.75 (out of 5)

Climate change 4.63

Affordable housing 4.33

Justice for Indigenous communities 4.22

Education 4.13

Democratic reform 4.1


3. When it comes to environmental priorities, cutting greenhouse gas emissions is top dog.

For a lot of British Columbians, taking urgent environmental action means lowering greenhouse gases.


4. Strengthening B.C.’s democracy means less corporate influence in our political system.

Barely beating political corruption for the number one spot, getting corporate money out of politics is a clear priority front runner. And we’re in luck! Thanks in part to the hard work of everyday British Columbians through Dogwood’s Ban Big Money campaign, our province now enjoys stricter political fundraising laws through legislation passed at the end of 2017. Now, what to do about corruption…


5. Dogwood supporters are optimists.

Sure, some folks think we have nothing left to do but batten down the hatches and ride this thing out. But 2/3 of our survey responders have some degree of faith in our political system and believe we still have time to steer this ship back on course. Sounds like a pretty sweet action movie.


6. Local power rules the day.

In the face of so-called majority rules or “national interest” (ahem), Dogwood-ers still believe decision-making should lay in the hands of the communities affected by a project, not outside influence or strong-arming from afar. Then there’s the group who trust Ottawa and don’t see what all the fuss is about.


7. It’s too close to call on the fate of Canada’s economy.

A shade more than half of us think we can grow the economy while we reduce our impact on the climate — possibly through renewables. The other 48 per cent? They’re not as convinced. But suffice it to say, no one is buying the “we need to build pipelines to meet our climate targets” song and dance the federal government is trying to peddle.


8. British Columbians believe in the power of the mighty pen.

This question allowed for more than one answer. The top choices indicate folks are ready and willing to hold elected politicians’ feet to the fire on Kinder Morgan, and to fund a movement that does just that.

(And if you’re one of those people, you can take action right now! Write Premier Horgan about his actions on Kinder Morgan, give your local MLA a quick phone call, sign up to collect petition signatures and help organize local volunteers, or donate to support Dogwood’s work.)

9. British Columbians want a government that reflects (and answers to) the people who live here.

Dogwood-ers are what you might call ‘straight shooters’. A majority of us believe if a person earns a vote, they should get to keep it. Also a top priority for Dogwood folks: keeping local representation. You don’t say?!


A big thanks to everyone who participated in Dogwood’s supporter survey! The answers you’ve shared will help inform our future campaigns and strategies.