On August 1, Prime Minister Trudeau spoke to Global News about the Kinder Morgan pipeline, saying:

“I think British Columbia’s responsibility is to stand up for the interest of British Columbia.”

So we did. This past long weekend, on B.C. Day, British Columbians took to social media, telling the Prime Minister loud and clear what they thought of his comments.


B.C. Day may be over and done for the year, but we aren’t — join the thousands to British Columbians who #StandUpForBC.


3 Responses to “#StandUpForBC”

  1. lorraine young says:

    Bless you for standing up for the land and for what is right!

  2. Harry Jordan says:

    I always remember some lines from Shakespeare; “one may smile and smile and be a villain”. Well Justin, as he likes to be called, fits the bill as he tried to please everybody. No more. We don’t want his pipeline in BC and at the next election we won’t have him here as we give him the boot. Goo0dbye, Justin

  3. Sheila says:

    You were voted in because we believed in what you had to say and what you were prepared to do. Kinder Morgan pipeline was something was the big issue here in BC. which you promised to look very carefully at as so many people here are very much against it, I being one of them. Our First Nations people don’t want to see it coming through their lands. The beauty of BC will be affected by a spillage not to mention those Hugh tankers killing our marine life of which we are known for. It’s time to move into new energy and can’t we be the First to do so. We have great technology in our young people for a better world, why not invest in them and there bright new future. Don’t be intimated my the money like Christy Clark. Be the First to change Goverment, that’s what we believe was your purpose to enter and win. Change was your mandate! Don’t forget that. We all voted for that, Change!!

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