Why nobody is talking about the oil spill off the coast of China – or connecting the dots to tanker traffic on the West Coast

In this first Dogwood podcast episode of 2018, your host Sophie Harrison tackles the biggest but least covered stories of the month: the largest oil tanker spill in a quarter century. Could a similar tragedy happen on the B.C. coast?

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Are double-hulled tankers safe for our coast?

Karen Wristen, executive director for Living Oceans, joined us to tackle some key differences and similarities between the Sanchi accident and the risks Kinder Morgan’s tanker expansion would unleash on the Salish Sea.

Deeper reading:
Tsleil Waututh Nation, Kinder Morgan assessment report
Living Oceans, Tanker technology: limitation of double hulls

Is our spill response really “world class”?

Jess Housty, elected councilor from the Heiltsuk Nation, has experienced B.C.’s spill response first hand. The Nathan E. Stewart ran aground in the Seaforth Channel off the coast Bella Bella in October of 2016 — and her community is still dealing with the consequences.

Deeper reading:
Heiltsuk Council, Creating a world-leading response plan

Why aren’t more people paying attention?

The Sanchi accident — the largest oil tanker spill since 1991 — got very limited coverage in Canadian media. Not a single outlet connected this accident to the seven-fold increase in oil tanker traffic proposed by Kinder Morgan.

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Dave Mills, Spills are an ocean away — until they’re not

How did Justin Trudeau break his promise to B.C. about Kinder Morgan?

Find out what he actually said:

What can British Columbians do about this?

Justin Trudeau is hosting a town hall in Nanaimo on February 2. You can find more details and RSVP here.

Write a letter to Premier Horgan expressing your concern about Kinder Morgan and your support for the B.C. government’s actions against the project: www.NoTankers.ca.

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