Rest up, gather your people, stay organized


Kai & Emily debrief the election outcome in the Dogwood Burnaby kitchen. Whatever the final seat count, we’ve got this.

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5 Responses to “Rest up, gather your people, stay organized”

  1. Bob Kull says:

    Nice conversation. But why no mention by Dogwood of Site C Dam. It’s another huge issue for BC in general

  2. Cinci Csere says:

    Thank you awesome humans! <3

  3. lana maree says:

    thank you

  4. Aragorn Klockars says:

    Nanaimo canvasser here. We (likely} did it. (Whew – Big Hug) Congrads to us and humanity

  5. donaldo says:

    Loved you commnetary. I believe the only hope for meeting Dogwood ‘s goals will be the forming of an NDP-Green Coaliiton, which would assure Kinder Morrgan goes EAST. Money leaving our politics is a worthy goal but Proportional Representation,which the NDP will ensure which allows every vote to tuly count (Unlike Junior Trudeau they will keep their promise). The Greens agree on vitualy all of the NDP policy. They simply have ot slow down a bit. Cristy has done nothing but betray the working citizens and sell out to corporations. I hate no one including her but Ido not trust her as far as I could throw her. She will get her palm greased even without corpoarate “donations”. I am disapointed that three indigenous persons have chosen to carry the Liberal-Conservative banner-I hope they do not betray their people or the rest of BC. While I strongly agree that Unions and Corporations should not be allowed to donate to political parties, if they are to campaign they require funding of the type HARPER SCRAPPED ,as soon as he and his exteme cronies were entrenched in power. Nonetheless, their payola wiil still find its way to influence. As well, the Main Steam Media will continue to build the myth of the incompetemnce of the “tax and spend” NDP while excusing the payola to political freinds and the high cost of living imposed by the Clark/ Campbell Liberals. Hydro costs , MSP premiums, ferry boon doggles, with preposterous fares, LNG pollution with sellouts to foreign “investors” ridiculous housing costs (& related homelessness) and high costs for auto insurance will continue with Ms. Cark in the premiers chair. Best of luck to you in your noble -non partisan endeavor to encourge citizens to vote. Pro. Rep will double the number of persons voting in the next election . I believe tt needs to be the first act of the new Legisalture after a coalition is formed. The two of you are most impressive young people -we need you in our legislature?! Lo mejor para usted y su organización

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