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Made with love in beautiful B.C., the Dogwood Podcast brings you to the front lines of the biggest political battles around our province’s land, air and water. Through stories and strategy, our guests will give you the tools to make a difference in your community.


February 2018: Pipelines and B.C. wines.

A lot happened in B.C. this past month! Between B.C.’s announcement of their new regulations and restrictions on the transport of bitumen to the wine war between Alberta and B.C., British Columbians have a lot to sort out. With the help of some expert guests, we are here to help weed through the poli-speak and media rhetoric to find out what’s actually going on.


January 2018: Oil tanker spill hits close to home for B.C.

In this first Dogwood podcast episode of 2018, we tackle the biggest but least covered story of the month: the largest oil tanker spill in a quarter century. Could a similar tragedy happen on the B.C. coast?


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One response to “The Dogwood Podcast”

  1. Sharon says:

    Money can’t buy clean water, and the life that lives in it. Money can’t buy clean air, the plan is to not dirty it in the first place. It would seem the only care the government has is money, taxes and destributing our hrard earned creativity. As for the environment – it’s just words (hot air). The governments credibility is shot in my opinion – I don’t believe a word you say.
    I don’t want even the remotest chance there might possibly be a oil spill on the west Coast. Stop the kinder morgan dead in its tracks.

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