Podcast for October 2017: Knocktober

Happy Knocktober! This month Dogwood’s remote organizer, Anna Barford, takes over the podcast to talk about the month-long push to gather support for a Corruption Inquiry. Anna talks to four volunteers who have signed up to knock their block — from trophy hunting to Kinder Morgan to fish farms, they tell us how they see corruption impacting their communities and why they are taking action.

Take action against corruption in your community.
Sign up to Knock your Block.

6 Responses to “Podcast for October 2017: Knocktober”

  1. Hugh McNab says:

    if your looking on good articles about corruption to help push for an inquiry look on the net at norm farrel’s “insights” articles.
    i’ve forwarded email articles to the dogwood about “insights” and never received any cognition. should i stop? i wouldn’t want to be a bug.

  2. Helen Turbett says:

    Incredible. I have been thinking and talking about this issue and it seemed like people thought it only happened in other countries.

    Congratulations for calling a spade a spade.

  3. Susan says:

    Yes , corruption inquirey for previous and current senior goverment officers who have been made wrong decisions to fool and people is a correct direction we should proceed and get back 2 to 4 to 6 billions misused public funds back to people immedietly! Since summer of 2013 after I read the proposal of 36 billions forgein Petronast investment ” Pacific Northwest Liquafied Natural Gas ” project first time , I know that this is a very wrong project and it should be STOPPEd right away in terms of its too high price with other Liquafied Natural Gas ( LNG) sellers in Asian, poor ralationships with big Asian buyers such as China , poor economy in so slow global recession and much more supply than demand , very bad environment affects on our land , river , ocean , climate change , and not worth limited about 2000 construction jobs and just 500 full time jobs and other limited social benefits. This project should be stopped. Yet the former premier Ms Christy Clark , her Deputy premier and former Minister of Natural Gas and Social Housing , Mr Rich Colman , has misused and wasted around 2 to 4 to 6 billions social housing funds to this least hope /”Northwest Liquafied Natural Gas Project ” back to 2012 before her first time election campain . All high level Liberal decision makers in provincial level shall be investigated and this big 2 to 4 to 6 billions Natural Gas Fund misused by them should be repaid back to people immedietly ! from Susan , email: sworld306@gmail.com

  4. Sylvia scott says:

    Instead of fretting as individuals, Dogwood gives us a way to put our heads together, become better informed, and affect positive changes in BC. I appreciate how it gives ordinary people like me a chance to take a small step into activism.

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