Podcast for June 2017: Where is this ship headed?

In the first episode since the provincial election, B.C. is still in rocky waters. SFU political scientist David Moscrop joins host Kai Nagata to explain what’s going on in the legislature and what could happen next. Director of Organizing Laura Benson hops aboard to explain what’s happening with the Citizens’ Initiative now that a new government is in sight. And Sophie Harrison, Arie Ross and Lisa Sammartino sail by to chat about the future of Dogwood’s campaigns.

Sign the petition to call for a Corruption Inquiry: www.CorruptionBC.ca

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One response to “Podcast for June 2017: Where is this ship headed?”

  1. Norm Ryder says:

    Lisa probably any government or near government agency should be included in an anti corruption inquiry. My personal favourite candidate is WorksafeBC in addition to moneys needed to set aside for future liabilities they are making a profit of approximately 1 billion a year. to put that amount into perspective they only collect about 1.3 billion in from employees a year. with 1000’s of dis-satisfied injured workers it appears there profit is on the backs of injured workers and in some cases literally on their backs , of course part of the excess profit could also be they are over charging employers as well. The financial data noted is from their annual reports and my calculation of dis-satisfied injured workers is based on my investigations and meeting many injured workers.

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