Not the leadership I voted for

At Kinder Morgan meeting, one Liberal voter delivers a blistering rebuke of absent MPs

Note: The Trudeau government is preparing to make a yes or no decision on the Kinder Morgan oil tanker project in December. After being elected on a promise to restart the project review, the Liberals reversed their position and went ahead with the National Energy Board process created by Prime Minister Harper.

The new government has sent a “ministerial panel” to select communities to give residents one last chance blow off steam. This week Dogwood organizer Mary Leighton addressed the panel’s town hall meeting in Vancouver. Video of her epic speech has since been viewed tens of thousands of times online:


My name is Mary Leighton, and I’m a provincial organizer with Dogwood. I live next to City Hall.

I was born in Vancouver, but I grew up in Saudi Arabia. I’ve been to 45 countries and learned four languages. I used to think this was the ultimate privilege – to be able to travel anywhere.

A few years ago, though, I came back to Vancouver. I saw sturgeon in the reeds of the Fraser River, caught and ate salmon from the mouth of the river, collected huckleberries on the North Shore.

I have begun to learn about the First Nations people who were here long before my grandmother moved west from the prairies, including the Tsleil Waututh in Burrard Inlet who oppose Kinder Morgan’s expansion. I have learned that many of the salmon runs in streams up the coast were actually created by indigenous people.

I took it to heart when Coast Salish poet Lee Maracle said in a packed Queen Elizabeth theatre this spring, to a largely non-indigenous audience, “You belong here, because you are here. But that comes with responsibilities.”

I no longer see mobility as the ultimate privilege – as millions of Syrian refugees must agree, and others forced to abandon their homes because of events related to global warming. Privilege is to stay in a place because it sustains you, and in turn to take up the responsibilities of sustaining that place or enriching it.

So I can never accept the construction of a new Kinder Morgan pipeline, which threatens a place in which I aim to stay, and through significant contribution to climate change would threaten others in their homes around the world.

Happily, I’ve found work and camaraderie with an amazing group of people who give me hope, because they are betting their time and energy on the conviction that people organized to defend the land and water that give our lives meaning can overcome the CEOs of corporations like Kinder Morgan, and their lobbyists. This group includes my parents, my two brothers, my best friend Kath, my neighbour Hisao, more than a hundred people in the room today, and over 250,00 British Columbians that I have never met, as well as partner groups and allies, who are also here today, who share our values and our conviction.

After growing up in a petro-monarchy and living in countries with highly corrupt governments, I am grateful to live in a country with a fairly functional democracy.

Many of us voted Liberal in October.

I know I was comfortable voting Liberal when it came to Kinder Morgan, because in his run for election, Justin Trudeau explicitly committed to “overhauling” the review process for pipeline projects, including projects that were currently under review – including Kinder Morgan.

I don’t see an overhaul.

I see three people with no decision making power, or even the power to issue a recommendation. I see no audio visual recordings or even transcripts. No transparency around how our spoken messages will be transmitted or the weight of them, let alone written submissions.

This is not the leadership that I and thousands of British Columbians voted for in October.

I voted for Joyce Murray, Liberal MP in Vancouver Quadra. I want her to stand up for me on this.

Jody Wilson-Raybould – Liberal MP in Vancouver Granville, where I live now – last week you said that citizens will have confidence in decisions and policies if they are treated fairly by government. Do you call this broken commitment fair?

Harjit Sajjan – Liberal MP in Vancouver South – you were elected to replace pro-pipeline Conservative MP Wai Young. You told me about your kids and wanting to make good decisions by them.

Hedy Fry, Liberal MP for Vancouver Centre, where we are in right now – where do you stand on this hasty process?

If you haven’t already, visit your MP, especially if they are one of these four Liberals in the City of Vancouver, or Pamela Goldsmith Jones in West Vancouver, or Terry Beech in Burnaby North Seymour. Visit them. Call them. Tweet them right now. Tell them this is not the leadership we voted for in October. This is not the process promised by their leader. Ask them: What are you going to do about it?

So, why are we being put through this process?

Maybe it’s an attempt to appease us. Maybe it’s political cover for a federal approval in December – so Justin Trudeau can say that communities were consulted. Or maybe it’s a political barometer – with the next federal election so far away, with oil and gas lobbyists leaning hard, and the prospect of a quick financial boost so appealing, maybe Justin Trudeau wants to know exactly how much fight is in British Columbians when it comes to the Kinder Morgan pipeline.

Shall we check the weather?

If you are completely opposed to this pipeline, raise your hand.

If you recognize this process as woefully inadequate to make a decision in December, raise your hand.

Finally, will you stand up if a federal approval of Kinder Morgan this December would be just the beginning of your fight?

63 Responses to “Not the leadership I voted for”

  1. Chris Rose says:

    No new pipelines for fossil fuel transport any where in Canada. No fracking and LNG production for export or local consumption. We need a drastic transition to clean energy without new hydro dams NOW!

  2. Cheryl Macgregor says:

    I am raising my hand! No pipelines, no tankers.

  3. Mei Lin yeoell says:

    Brilliant respons. Trudeau, sit up and beg for cabinet ministers as on the mark as this woman! No more fracking, LNG, barbarous bitumen based oil. No No No

  4. It would have been more judicious to vote for the Green Party in the first place.

  5. Liz Chisholm says:

    Thank-you, Mary; for speaking so articulately and powerfully on behalf of us all and our families who will come after us! Alternative energy – Mr. Trudeau….begin the “overhaul” the review process of pipeline projects; ACT on what you promised NOW!

  6. William Prestwich says:

    It is all very well to apologize to the First Nations for things done in the past. It means nothing if you, Mr. Trudeau are going to betray them now by refusing to have the courage that Obama has to say no to pipelines and tankers of poison.

  7. Lamar Grube says:

    No No No!!! new infrastructure for fossil fuels.

  8. What a fantastic speech. We must indeed feed/take care of, this land just like it feeds us. No more oil, no more tankers in these waters!!

  9. Danielle says:

    This is the problem with those of you who voted Liberal; you believed their lies. The Liberals have never been truthful about anything. Your naivitey is the downfall of our country.

  10. Bill Willson says:

    Thank you so much for your clear and brilliant statement. After over a quarter century of non-action on climate change (by both Liberals & Conservatives) we have to be in emergency mode. We need a brave leader to use his legislative strength to finally make a change. Justin made promises to be that person. We have to hold his feet to the fire and stand by him if he actually moves to stop these immoral conduits of climate change. If not there will be civil disobedience like Canada has never seen as we fight for the common good, social justice, environmental justice and our children’s future.

  11. Geoff Smith says:

    This is shockingly irresponsible. Quasi-judicial agencies, such as the NEB, have a LEGAL duty to not only appear to be impartial but to actually be impartial. The involvement of Kim Baird and Jean Charest in the NEB decision making process shows ordinary Canadians that the NEB is biased and it’s reports are not impartial. As stupid as it sounds, these NEB decisions will never pass the muster of the Supreme Court of Canada. Canada, and the world, is dead if Trudeau allows Kinder Morgan or Energy East to be built.

  12. Those of us who live on the coast and intend to defend it have no illusions about the benefits of a fossil economy. A 1.5 C global temperature rise means multi-metre sea level rise that drowns all the farmlands of the Fraser, plus YVR and Richmond, and we are most likely to go rocketing past 2 C in spite of the Paris agreement. So we have with the Trudeau government one that says the right things but then does the wrong things. This is a politically fatal form of cognitive dissonance.

  13. Charles Tall says:

    We NEED the Oxygen that these fossil fuels will consume. Our atmosphere is becoming depleted of oxygen! Where are the Oxygen Mines/Wells/Sands to offset that which will be consumed by this bitumen??? Our atmosphere does not respect political boundaries. When we sell fuel we become complicit in it’s consumption. Another way to limit the use of fossil fuels is not to sell them in the first place! When we sell fuel we are contributing to global problems every bit as much as the guy who actually burns it! To sell it and then expect that it will not get burned would be idiotic.

  14. Here in the San Juan Islands we say no tar sands oil tankers jeopardizing the waters we share with the Gulf Islands. Bitumen diluted with highly volatile benzene and xylene are whose vapors pose a great risk to first responders and waterfront communities, and with sediment present it sinks, just like it did in Kalamazoo Michigan. Please continue the fight, it is a fight for all resident species who call the Salish Sea home.

  15. Jim Whitworth says:

    We have been deceived. The current government is carrying out the mandate of the Harper regime and the corporate elites which did what they wanted to Canada and Canadians without making a lot of phony unkept elections promises. For instance,the still staked of the NEB,the sign off on Site C, the farm fish handouts and nothing being done about climate change. I guess just have to be satisfied with JT’s cool lifestyle and pretty hairdo.

  16. Erik says:

    No one could have said it better. Keep on working your theme Mary,

  17. danielle hebert says:

    Awesome. Much love, Lets keep standing up.

  18. margaret klima says:

    I am appauled by the Trudeau Gov’t …. this panel is a joke! …. it says alot about the commitments of the Trudeau Gov’t. I will not vote for him again. I raise my hand and my friends, nieghbors, community, nation raise theirs ! You may try to silence the truth ….. it just creates a stronger movement !!!!!!! NO PIPELINE !!!!

  19. Phyllis McConnachie says:

    My hand is up too. No more pipelines. No more fracking or LNG. It’s time to stop fossil fuel extraction and transport and consumption.

  20. Carol Pickup says:

    All you Liberals should have voted NDP in the 2015 election. Justin Trudeau like Christy Clark is very good at spin and photo ops. The Liberal and Conservatives governments are like Tweedledum and Tweedledee-they are both supported by corporations and the wealthy in Canada. Wake up Canada!!

  21. Paul Grignon says:

    Fossil fuels are a dead end.

  22. Toby Earp says:

    Hand raised, twice.

  23. Trudeau has already stated he is in favour the KM pipeline, so DI should start the Citizen’s Initiative now, and not wait until December.

  24. Heather Baker says:

    Trudeau was a politician who I thought I could count on to keep the promises he made before the election. I am bitterly disappointed in him and his party but particularly his B.C. members. Why are they not standing with the majority of the province. I had hoped that after his success in Paris on Climate Change that he would put a stop to the Site C dam. But no, he signed the water diversion permits! The billions being spent on the dam could go a long way to creating clean energy.

  25. Elaine says:

    I am raising my hand!! We want ‘government transparency’! No more pipelines. No more fracking! No more tankers!
    Why is Trudeau going against Native Leaders wishes about the Peace River dam. When will ‘big money’ be rent asunder for ‘environmental judiciousness’!!

  26. Ann Olesen says:

    I don’t want any new pipelines or tankers period!!!!’

  27. Annette Elliott says:

    No Kinder Morgan. No Northern Gateway and NO tankers on the B C Coast. Where are you Justin Trudeau !

  28. Susan Wiebe says:

    I raise my hand!

  29. The Druid says:

    This is Not the Dogwood I have been supporting.
    The more Nagata influence, the less progressive the organization becomes.
    From a strong non-partisan, anti-tanker (ipso facto – anti- pipeline) NGO; Dogwoods has under Kai’s tutelage become a critical, partisan, fund-raising driven NGO emulating Kai’s favourite attack dog – Tar Sands Tom.
    It ‘is a shame to see a respected but perhaps less well financed organization become a shill for organizing NDP support. Does standing up at a NEB information meeting and attacking the government for a decision not yet made, but one which we are concerned about – really advance the cause? Has Mary met with Joyce Murray or Jody Wilson-Raybould to discuss her concerns. Is Dogwood working to influence government ministers to rethink their positions or can Dogwood raise more money by attacking the Liberals?
    Dogwood the non-partisan advocate (IMO) had a lot of credibility. Dogwood the fund-raising attack dog.- not so much.

  30. Sandra McCallum says:

    Shipping bitumin by tanker, train or pipeline is a recipe for disaster. Look at the oil spill in Vancouver’s English Bay in April 2015. Look at Lac Megantic. Look at the Saskatchewan oil spill in August 2016. Look at the Enbridge oil spill in Michigan in 2013. Enbridge paid for some of the clean up after they were taken to court. The taxpayers paid the rest. Some damage can never be repaired.

  31. Eva Lyman says:

    Well, I did not vote for either the Cons or the Lieberals. What can you expect from Tweedledee and Tweedledum?

  32. Karen says:

    I am also raising my hand!! We were sold a bill of goods – smarten up Prime Minister Trudeau!!!

  33. Dorothy Yada says:

    We should be transitioning away from fossil fuels, not expanding pipelines.


  35. S, Mcv says:

    I thought we would have a different govt with Harper gone. What I am starting to see is lots of glitz and oretend consuktations, but under esth its the same old, same old, catering to the lobbyists and corporate interests. Very disappointed.

  36. jessie kerr says:

    I am willing to stand in front of the pipeline. I could even wear one of Trudeau’s T shirts as I do that.

  37. Graham says:

    I live in White Rock – South Surrey and ‘held my nose’ to vote Liberal because I detested the Harper candidate. The Harper candidate won anyway. My point is this – all votes for Liberal candidates, whether the candidate won or lost, are at stake. I won’t vote Liberal again.

  38. Christopher J Bacon (Independent Disabled Canadian Citizen) says:

    You are right. This is a “trend” of Government which, if you are paying attention to more than one single issue ie pipelines compared to “Healthcare,” or to any other number of ‘ongoing issues’ on the “Government Services” front and at ANY level of “Government” with regard to the ‘delivery’ of those “services.” None of the promises made by ANY OF THE THREE PARTIES, Politicians, the Law, the Courts, Parliament, or the Constitution, in swearing “TO PROTECT ALL CITIZENS EQUALLY UNDER THE LAW,” etc. – (Note: see “Constitution of Canada” – apparently it’s been moved to the Fiction section of the Law Library as of late) – there is an underlying but obvious pattern being revealed and which was so eloquently stated and documented by Mary Leighton in her commanding presentation on behalf of us all, and by recent experience I have come to believe is deliberately in place to subvert and ultimately undermine the Law and the Democratic process – the LACK OF PROPER DOCUMENTING OR RECORD KEEPING OF ISSUES/PROCEEDINGS. If it is NOT written down or acknowledged – it did not happen. Suddenly, all that should and could be ‘black and white’ (especially given today’s technological advancements) is now “50 Shades of Grey” or NON EXISTENT altogether.The very same tactic is employed again and again REGARDLESS who is ‘elected to represent the people’ of their riding, or which Province we live in, which level of Government, or how many “Public Cameras” including the pending “Officer Cams” are implemented and are PUBLICLY FUNDED to PROTECT THE PUBLIC. Let’s all talk about the REAL problem – what is indicated by the often accompanying and seemingly deliberate avoidance and lack of ENFORCEMENT against certain “privileged” persons/entities/Corporations/ etc. who are “Arm’s Length from the LAW” and the apparent preferred standard “modus operandi” of said “representatives” once they get elected is also ultimately demonstrated here as well through the lack of ACTUAL REPRESENTATION. (WEBSTER’S definition of “modus operandi”: “a method of procedure; (or) especially : a distinct pattern or method of operation that indicates or suggests the work of a single criminal in more than one crime.” In this case, the “criminal” entity is the Government in HOW they choose to ‘use’ the “Public Trust” of which they SWEAR to UPHOLD). Politicians honestly believe they have the RIGHT to NOT HAVE TO ANSWER LEGITIMATE QUESTIONS. The “Free” Press offers no REAL insight either as it seems that stories and issues of great “public relevance” which should be communicated are routinely and systemically CENSORED and OBSTRUCTED then replaced with “Kanye” or some other “Reality” show or general “INFO-MATION” disguised and packaged as REAL “News we can trust.” (I may be dating myself but, who the hell is Rob Kardashian and Black Chyna and why is the “news” starting to resemble the “GLEE ” page of a High School year book or Student Council “Class News” Bullsh*t? Everybody leaves High School eventually don’t they??) The result is – there is NO longer ANY “Public Trust” and if you have been paying attention, this collective “feeling” is absolutely and unequivocally JUSTIFIED.

    We have figuratively been coerced into voting for the “lesser of two EVILS” (their tag line, not mine) for over 30 + years and everyone’s wondering how WE got here? It is simple – IT IS THE SYSTEM. Period. But we CAN CHANGE IT…Form OUR own party(s) nationally and provincially. Elect a Representative that doesn’t promise one thing then deliver another altogether or to sit on their hands while waiting out the clock – someone who is THERE TO DELIVER and to express to all those involved that the “old way” is history. “Privilege” cannot exist in a modern free society if we are all truly to be “equal” under the “Law.” Let’s be perfectly clear – we are not talking possessions or bank accounts…what we are saying is that if you choose to break the law, you will be held accountable “equally” by no longer having the ability to use and abuse the ‘privilege’ of “arm’s length protection” in HOW the Law is applied to each of us either individually or collectively. TRUE EQUALITY UNDER THE LAW.

    ‘Privilege” must be held to a HIGHER STANDARD not to be EXEMPT FROM ANY STANDARD and yet most of those who share this ‘Privilege” see it as being ABOVE and BEYOND THE REACH OF THE LAW and therefore ACT ACCORDING TO THAT BELIEF.

    What do YOU and I want OUR future world to look like? I have come to feel that, if you live in a country where in everything ie National Anthem, Government “communications” etc. they have to tell you or remind you we are “free” then you are NOT free which is why they continue to use PROPAGANDA to communicate that we are “free”. True “Freedom” is a feeling brought on by feeling totally unafraid and unencumbered, comfortable enough to not have to even have the thought cross our minds that OUR Government is ‘NOT THE ONE I ELECTED.’ Sorry BUT WE DID ELECT THEM…EVERY TIME…OVER AND OVER… We can blame Governments, or Police, the Courts, heck even your parents…but the true FACT is that IT IS ALL OUR RESPONSIBILITY – TRUE Democracy does not come cheap especially when it has apparently been commandeered by fascism or tyranny or Corporate/Banking interests, etc…and justified because it’s business and creates jobs on paper? This is the REAL world, with REAL people putting their lives on the line EVERY DAY (ie OUR Soldiers, OUR Police, OUR Firefighters, Ambulance Attendants, Doctors, Nurses, ‘ORDINARY’ CITIZENS, etc) trying to ALLOW us to live some form of happy coexistence – we either get it right now or we are doomed to be at the mercy of an out of control system of “Public Trust” that none of us no longer really believes in now given our current state of affairs locally and globally.

    SOLUTION: Form a Party. Provide a TRUE and RELEVANT PLATFORM. Drop ALL support for the other “parties” and back a candidate that actually represents our values instead of what is forced upon us. REGISTER TO VOTE and VOTE for OUR candidate. One person, One vote, MAJORITY “rules.” When we get the majority vote – NEW SYSTEM from the ground up which is capable of enhancing lives and our Global Family. Simple. Besides, given history, within six weeks of this actually happening the other”parties” will all be singing the same tune – just as they always have…follow the MONEY.

    If you want REAL CHANGE – stop whining, get up off OUR collective asses, and LET’S DO THIS TOGETHER.

    A simple TRUTH: If we are truly FREE and EQUAL UNDER THE LAW as “Citizens” then why do LABELS like man, woman, child, black, white, asian, european, uneducated, disabled, purple with pink freakin’ polka-dots, etc. have to do with anything? We are ‘equal’ but they manage the “Lower Class”, cater to the “Upper Class,” and prop up the “Middle Class” openly everyday and in ALL that they SAY and DO – but, we’re all EQUAL?? When people look at me and regarding what “Race” I am say “Oh, you’re Caucasian” – I say, “No, my RACE is the HUMAN race.” There is ANIMAL, MINERAL, VEGETABLE, and HUMAN. Period. Again, if we are all “equal” then what need of we of a label such as “race” with relation to such ethnic identifiers which were invented solely for the purpose of transporting and selling SLAVES like cattle? (Heffer, Steer, Yearling, Calves, Rendering, etc)

    Who else is still buying any of this? If you want REAL CHANGE and don’t know who to vote for, might I suggest – VOTE FOR YOURSELF.


    (NOTE: Please search “Disabled Canadian challenges PM Trudeau to Charity Boxing Match” on Google and please help if you can…If you use a Canadian Search Engine IT IS CENSORED and that is BEFORE implementation of the TPP… THANK YOU)

    We can CHANGE IT ALL…if YOU want to.

    What do you say??

    PS – Mr Trudeau, you are very good at bringing up issues of HUMAN RIGHTS in your visit to China and other Countries…Why do you REFUSE to talk about CANADA’S ABUSIVE HUMAN RIGHTS RECORD – especially current and blatant ABUSE OF THE DISABLED in Canada? Time to step up. LIAR

  39. Anneke Pearse says:

    Magnificently spoken, Ms Leighton! I attended the hearing, and the panel was a farce. Nobody was recording the eloquent speakers. For Shame, Mr Trudeau! We will NOT settle for this. We will not give in to big petroleum interests and be the next Sacrifice Zone!

  40. Graham says:

    I just tried to re-post this article to FaceBook and was blocked!! Cumonfacebook!

    • Lisa Sammartino says:

      Hey Graham! I don’t know why you aren’t able to post this to Facebook. I tested it and it seems to work. Maybe try one more time? – Lisa

  41. Robin Smith says:

    This article cannot be re-posted to facebook because it`s been blocked. Can you please get it on facebook somehow.

    • Lisa Sammartino says:

      Hey Robin! I don’t know why you aren’t able to post this to Facebook. I tested it and it seems to work. Maybe try one more time? – Lisa

  42. Gillian Yanow says:

    I agree with all of the above – we bed to protect our environment above all else and invest in new renewable energy as well as protecting our forests, wetlands and especially water.

  43. Gail Najda says:

    When will we learn not to listen to an individual’s promises when running for political office? The party has an agenda no matter what promises we hear. The party presents the person they think will win over the populace…nothing more.

  44. david says:

    I too raise my hand

  45. Paul Foster says:

    clean energy not fossil fuels! grow a pair, Gliberal wusses!

  46. Word for word I agree with Chris Rose!
    “No new pipelines for fossil fuel transport any where in Canada. No fracking and LNG production for export or local consumption. We need a drastic transition to clean energy without new hydro dams NOW!”

  47. paul says:

    NO! NO! NO!. The tarsands contain a minimum of 5 million barrels a day of production for over a hundred years. From what I understand, they are already producing over 3.5 million barrels a day. Every other place on earth that has this kind of production and resource has built the refining capacity at the source. Now, because the oil companies have pumped out the resource around texas and oklahoma and the gulf, and have excess capacity in that area, or, because it is cheaper to build refineries in china, everyone from BC to the mid U.S. has to tolerate pipelines full of dilbute and heavy oil accross their watersheds and tanker traffic on their coast.

    Rubbish. New refineries are very expensive capital projects, but they are much more environmentally friendly and efficient than the old ones. Build the refineries at source in Alberta. Canada will never have seen such a jobs boom in it’s history, if we get a federal government with some backbone who stand up to big oil and get them to do what has been done everywhere else in the world where such a resource exists. Hi tech, hi pay, for all canadian workers for years.

    No rail cars, no pipelines, and definitely no tankers filled with heavy oil and dilbute on our beautiful coast. We’ll talk about using the refined products here in North America when the refineries they need in Alberta are processing on site.

  48. Werner Rhein says:

    What are you whining now? You had a choice on your ballot. Or where you really that dumb to believe that a “Lieberal” would change the behavior of the fossil fuel industry? There is no political difference between Liberals and Cons. they do what they are told by the big money and nothing else.
    We all have now the choice to start protest again, man blockades, write letters to politicians, talk to politicians but to what success?
    Would it have not much more successful and economical to vote for a different party, who clearly said no to more fossil fuel infrastructure, because we have to leave the stuff in the ground.
    Uuuuppppssss did I shoot myself in the foot, what is happening in Alberta?
    So I think it is our political choice now to man the barricades.

  49. Michael Fish says:

    The elected Liberals just wanted to replace the Conservatives at the trough. Tweedledum replaced Tweedledee. Bay Street either way. Sad country.
    Michael Fish, Longueuil

  50. Cecilia Hudec says:

    Thanks Mary Leighton. It’s not the government I voted for either! No to more pipelines !

  51. Zelda Ghan says:

    I couldn’t have said it better. Mr Trudeau don’t be a politician for the sake of being a politician. Listen to your constituents and keep your promises I want to believe that at least our government can stand up for all of it’s constituents.

  52. Sandra Titus says:

    I raise my hand….no to Kinder Morgan, no pipelines.
    What’s next? LNG and please, let’s get on fracking as soon as possible. It is killing the Earth.

  53. Dr.Dominic Brisson says:

    So discouraged about Justin Trudeau and the liberals and everybody who’s not standing against the big oil lobby pressure! Congratulation to DOGWOOD and Bravo to Mary Leighton! 🙂

  54. Mrs. Coral Brown says:

    We must put the environment ahead of the agenda of economics. Let’s get this right. Thanks Dogwood & Mary – well stated.

  55. Stella Dodge says:

    I wish I had voted Green instead of Liberal. At least we know where they stand on this issue.

  56. lovemyisland says:

    You are surprised that the Liberals are not delivering on their promises? The Libertives and Consererals – that’s why I vote NDP and don’t get fooled every time one or the other try to sound like us to get elected. When will you (can’t say “we” because I’ve never wavered) ever learn.

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