“Kinder Morgan puts my job at risk”

British Columbians speak out to defend their jobs against Big Oil’s tanker expansion

Up and down the West Coast, people make a living and feed their families in sustainable fisheries and tourism industries. These jobs could be wiped out in the event of a single oil tanker accident in the Salish Sea. That’s what Premier Horgan is talking about when he promises to defend the B.C. economy from Kinder Morgan’s expansion.

Last month, Alberta Premier Rachel Notley launched a #KeepCanadaWorking social media campaign to push her pet pipeline project on B.C.

Nevermind that the Alberta Federation of Labour and Unifor do not support Kinder Morgan’s expansion. Or that Suncor — one of the oil companies signed on to ship through the new Trans Mountain line — is bragging about putting hundreds of people out of work. Or that expanding oil sands production is digging a deeper hole for Alberta’s economy to climb out of as global markets transition away from carbon-intensive fuels.

I was inspired by the British Columbians who stepped up to share their #KeepCanadaWorking stories of the risks dilbit tanker expansion poses to their jobs and livelihoods.

You can read through some of them here:

Does your job depend on a clean coastline? Share your #KeepCanadaWorking story on Twitter.

2 Responses to ““Kinder Morgan puts my job at risk””

  1. Dora Elia says:

    My job doesn’t depend on the coastal pristine environment, but perhaps my children’s jobs will. Even though i live in the Kootenay mountains, i know our rivers flow into those oceans, and the oceans send us the rain and snow we depend on… Our livelihood expands beyond political boundaries, and our dear children’s future will be sustained by what is in itself renewing: the living oceans and forests, the wild animals; not by what is unequivocally decaying as we breathe: bitumen and an economy that depends on it.

  2. Lothar Greiner says:

    I live in Ontario and my daughter lives in Victoria. I bin to B.C. many times. I think it is one of the most beautiful places on the planet. I traveled to north and to the west coast on Vancouver island and drove to old growth forest and to think we would lose some of this beautiful land makes me very sad. Mr. Trudeau please do the right thing.

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