A “full frontal” assault on Kinder Morgan

The Raging Grannies take on the #KMchallenge with their signature flair

“Wearing outlandish hats & warbling witty lyrics the Raging Grannies want to have fun while addressing important issues.” This is how the Victoria chapter describes themselves on their Facebook page. Nowhere does it say “Diving into frigid water in the buff to protest reckless pipeline projects.” But they do that too.

This week the Raging Grannies here in Victoria invited Dogwood to bear witness to their version of the #KMchallenge: dropping their drawers and splashing into the cold waters of Thetis Lake. Notice they are not completely naked — on their heads and necks they still sport their signature frilly hats and colourful boas. And a walker to assist with the uneven terrain of the bottom of a lake.

Photo credit: Patty Moss

Clearly the #KMchallenge has been embraced by all — the young, middle and old, by new Canadians and those who have lived here their whole lives. We are coming together from all walks of life to fight an injustice threatening our province: big oil’s attempt to exploit our sacred land and water.

If I have the luxury of living old enough to become a Raging Granny, I will. Look at how kick ass they are — and this is only one example! Their motto to “use creativity and humour as a way to protest as well as educate on social and political issues” does not disappoint.

So if you are ready to make a statement like these rockin’ ladies did, muster all of your inner granny rage and take the #KMchallenge! Film yourself jumping into a body of water you love in B.C. right now and post it to your social media channels.

21 Responses to “A “full frontal” assault on Kinder Morgan”

  1. Donna D. Peerless says:

    Beautiful! A tribute to the Son’s of Freedom. We are masters of social injustice in BC, & these are the brave souls that are reminding us of this.

    • Les says:

      This battle is going to take all of us working together applying every bit of our energy, talent, humour, and passion. Those multinationals and political colluders have stepped in a hornet’s nest.

    • Rima Segal says:

      You go, ladies. You make me proud to be a Raging Granny.

  2. basia says:

    Raging Grannies you’re an inspiration!

  3. joanajk says:

    Yes – wonderful action – you are the best – Portland Raging Grannies

  4. Bobby Arbess says:

    As the corporate BS in BC reaches new heights of corruption and sell out of indigenous rights and environmental safety, the Grannies reach new depths of heroism. an inspiration to all!

  5. Gloria Stein says:

    OMG – Gutsy is an understatement. You “originals’ are quite original. I am sooo impressed as I couldn’t do it and I’m in Florida. Bravo !! Thanx

  6. It’s know as Pussy Power! Thanks, RGs, we RGs in Albuquerque, NM are considering a similar event!

  7. Diana Richardson says:

    Wooohooo, Victoria Raging Grannies!!! You are fabulous!

  8. Rima Segal says:

    You make me so proud to be a Granny.

  9. toni says:

    So brave and beautiful! Thank you for supporting or environment!

  10. Sara Jinha says:

    wow!!!Brave Grannies. I will join you in the summer.

  11. Gail Sredanovic says:

    Rage on Victoria Grannies!
    Love from Granny Gail from California

  12. Darlene says:

    The power of older women in our society. Courageous and disobedient to the core. Kinder Morgan ‘undressed’!

  13. Macha MacKay says:

    Wonderful protest Victoria Grannies

  14. Sheila in Montreal says:

    “Hats off” to the Victoria Raging Grannies, who continue to inspire us, and push us to more creative Raging.

  15. Gail Sredanovic says:

    Creative and tough. Hats off.
    Granny Gail in California

  16. kerri barton says:

    you are awesome for doing this ! 🙂

  17. Audrey Brooks says:

    Its over 30 below in Edmonton, and I shiver to think that it must be a bit chilly in Victoria too. I am so proud of those Raging Grannies. I would do that, but in a bathing suit at least. Too much of me hangs out to let it all hang out in public!

  18. Schrodinger says:

    Me too. (from a M.R.Gran)

  19. Dan. Tkachuk says:

    GO-GO-GO, ONE BRAVE STEP FOR man-KIND, SECOND STEP FOR OUR ENVIRONMENT —-THANK YOU RGs in Albuquerque. Send us a photo, proud to spread the word.

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