Who defaced our flyers in North Van?

MPs are sick of hearing what you think about their Texas pipeline bailout

Remember “Real Change, Now”?

It’s what North Shore voters believed we were getting when Liberal candidates swept Stephen Harper’s Conservative MPs off the map in 2015.

I suppose some things have changed. Like our parliamentarians’ positions, rhetoric and attitude toward the people that elected them.

North Vancouver MP Jonathan Wilkinson trumpeted the dawn of a low-carbon future to anyone who would listen in 2015.

“It’s important to determine which sectors will be the new drivers for growth as fossil fuels recede in value,” he told the local Dogwood team at a meeting in November 2015. “Our job includes how to create strategies and encourage new sectors for Canada’s economic future.”

Little did we know that “new sector” would turn out to be the oil sands, and the “encouragement” would be billions in corporate welfare.

We heard lots about “cleantech” during Wilkinson’s campaign, bolstered by his experience as an executive at companies working on carbon capture, biomass energy and fuel cells.

“One of the problems with Canada’s previous government is it saw cleantech largely as an enabler for the oil industry,” Wilkinson said at the time.

“If we want to be a country that can sustain the standard of living we’re accustomed to, that growth isn’t going to come from more oil and more gas and more coal. One of the areas it can come from is cleantech.”

And yet, in just two short years, Wilkinson became just another mouthpiece for dirty crude. “Mr. Speaker, for 10 years, under the previous administration, not one kilometre of pipeline was built to tidewater,” he said in the House of Commons, aiming a now-familiar taunt at the Conservative benches.

Which brings us to the present.

Between the Trudeau administration’s back-tracking on electoral reform, the approval of Kinder Morgan without a “re-do” of the brutally flawed NEB process, and now the news that we’re paying $4.5 billion for a leaky, 65 year old pipeline, Wilkinson has been working overtime to justify broken promises coming out of Ottawa.

Not an easy job, but our MP has taken it on whole-heartedly. As parliamentary secretary to the Environment and Climate Change minister, Wilkinson now traffics in all manner of doublespeak and bafflegab.

Today the North Van MP asserts that diluted bitumen poses no particular challenge to clean up — and oil spills are unlikely anyhow. His government’s pipeline approval was based on “robust science and evidence,” he says, over the protestations of actual scientists. Indeed, expanding the oil sands will reduce Canada’s emissions.

Further, it turns out the phrase “only communities grant permission” does not apply to the 22 municipalities or 85 First Nations who do not support the pipeline and oil tanker expansion. And although independent analysts say Ottawa massively overpaid for Trans Mountain, don’t worry, we’ll flip it to another buyer for even more.

All this bullshit seems to have made Wilkinson allergic to plain, simple facts.

North Van MP Jonathan Wilkinson on a poster, before and after the next is covered over

North Vancouver posters – before and after

Is MP Wilkinson (a Rhodes Scholar, he likes to remind us) having trouble documenting the “science and evidence?” Or is it becoming harder to choke out “the environment and the economy go hand in hand” when you’ve just written a cheque for $4.5 billion to a Texas oil company?

Hard to know. One thing’s for sure: we’re gonna need some more flyers in North Van.

16 Responses to “Who defaced our flyers in North Van?”

  1. Tammy says:

    Amazing and oh so eloquent!! Thank you

  2. Excellent article, Cheryl! Thank you

  3. Constance E Blundy says:

    Great article, Cheryl! I am forwarding it to Jonathan Wilkinson.

  4. Hilda Wiebe says:

    This government desperately needs MPs who are scientifically literate!!

  5. Graeme Bregani says:

    Jonathan Wilkinson, MP, you’re on our side? Aren’t you?

  6. Angela says:

    Thank you Cheryl for all that you do and bring awareness to! Has Wilkinson participated in an unlawful act? If so I hope that he is accountable.

  7. Brenda Nelson says:

    Thank you for writing this, Mr Wilkinson has turned out to be a huge disappointment, it is nice to know that I am not the only one who has noticed how he promised big change but really his talent is not in doing what he said but in talking his way around not doing it.

  8. Sam Brownlee says:

    I call on Jonathan Wilkinson to:
    1. Tell us WHY this pipeline is in the ‘national interest’.
    2. Show us an up-to-date business case for the expansion.
    3. Show us evidence that any country in Asia will actually buy this low grade oil for a sufficient time and at a price that makes the expenditure worthwhile.
    4. Show us how you intend to clean up this diluted bitumen when it does spill.
    5. Tell us why you have gone from champion of a green economy to promoter of diluted bitumen, a filthy, dangerous, low grade product for which there is NO reliable clean up technology; and finally
    6. Show us how imposing this pipeline on the indigenous people of the pacific coast is consistent with Justin Trudeau’s promise of a new and respectful relationship with these same people.

  9. Stuart Chandler says:

    I’m sure the Liberals would be CRYING FOUL if anyone defaced THEIR posters. I guess next time you need to use a far less flattering photo of Wilkinson – you know, one that makes him look as stupid as his current stance reversal & behaviour !

  10. Ron Loring says:

    This is just another liar who has his nose stuck (I won’t say where) in our illustrious Prime Liar, so-called leader of our country!

  11. Jean Jordan says:

    I totally agree with Sam Brownlee and I hope he gets some intelligent and respectful answers from Jonathan Wilkinson.

    I am one of the luckiest people in Canada, having Elizabeth May as my MP and Adam Olsen as
    my MLA. They are intelligent, well spoken, honest, and respectful at all times, being GREEN.

  12. Andrew James Brown says:

    Jonathan Wilkerson – what do you stand for? What is the legacy you would like to leave for your constituants, your family and your fellow citizens? Stand up and fight for your country, and envision a future that is free of fossil fuels – one that will allow all human beings to enjoy a planet with abundant clean air and fresh water. If we Canadians don’t lead the way to sustainable energy sources, who will? Don’t be on the wrong side of history – take a moment to reflect on the privilege you have to represent your constituents, and act as their representative for the greater good, regardless of party politics. This planet is our home, protect it with all your political will, and passion for helping others. By doing so, you will help your own family, and the loved ones in your life.
    All the best,
    Andrew J, Brown

  13. Sonia Sneddon says:

    Obviously the use of a photo of Wilkinson smiling was the perfect tool to use it for to promote him.
    We all deserve to hear the real business plan behind this pipeline buyout and expansion; and the real risks and mitigation plans in place from a panel of respected scientists. We are tired of listening a list of generic advantages but not real supported facts.

  14. bob boase says:

    As a Rhodes Scholar, how can you possibly justify your government’s plan to buy out Kinder Morgan. Sadly you and the government are lacking in vision. The national interest is not this pipeline. The national interest is stewarding our lakes, rivers, oceans and lands for use by future generations. Our national interest is respecting our native peoples and continuing the long march toward reconcliation. The national, indeed, the global interest, is in meeting our Paris commitments. It is time for you to represent the people in your constituency and not those of your party and big oil

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