A pack of groaning zombies staggered down busy streets to climate minister George Heyman’s office this week. Their message? Don’t revive Enbridge’s monstrous Westcoast Connector pipeline.

Onlookers took selfies and chuckled as the undead danced to “Thriller” by Michael Jackson in front of Heyman’s office. More photos here!

CBC and CTV sent news cameras, while Radio-Canada and Vancouver is Awesome wrote it up for the web. The tongue-in-cheek action comes as Heyman faces a climactic decision on the future of oil and gas expansion in B.C.

Will Heyman side with the living and reject Enbridge’s demand for an emergency permit extension? Or will his brain be eaten by a horde of oil and gas lobbyists? Send Heyman a letter today urging him to stop Enbridge’s zombie pipeline – we’ve delivered 5,000 already.

This pipeline showed no signs of life for a decade. Then Russia invaded Ukraine, and global gas prices spiked. Enbridge saw dollar signs. But they have a big problem: the project’s authorization from the Christy Clark government expires next year.

That’s why Enbridge’s lobbyists are clawing at the doors of minister George Heyman’s office.

Westcoast Connector is the biggest pipeline ever proposed in B.C. It would eviscerate our climate targets. And if approved, I’m afraid Enbridge would find ways to make the public pay for it – just like the Trans Mountain and Coastal GasLink pipelines.

The last thing we need is more subsidies and bailouts for the most profitable industry on the planet. It’s obscene how oil and gas companies are robbing the public of billions for housing and healthcare, and delaying the transition to renewable energy.

If we truly want to avoid the zombie apocalypse, we need our politicians to stop approving new oil and gas projects. Enbridge is a key test for minister George Heyman and the BC NDP government. It’s time to kill the Westcoast Connector pipeline – for good.

If you got a kick out of these dancing zombies, our organizing crew has more fun, creative actions planned this spring. Sign up here if you’d like to join in!