Cynical betrayal on Kinder Morgan galvanizes B.C. voters

Trudeau’s approval of Kinder Morgan will carry heavy political consequences

VANCOUVER – Organizers with Dogwood Initiative are busy preparing canvass events in thirteen ridings across the province for this Saturday as British Columbians gear up to launch a citizens’ initiative to block bitumen transport to the West Coast.

As acknowledged by Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould during her election campaign — and many other legal observers — federal approval today does not mean the Kinder Morgan project will be built. First Nations will challenge the approval in court, while British Columbia retains jurisdiction over dozens of permits required for construction.

“As a constituent of Minister Wilson-Raybould and as a young voter, I feel betrayed by this decision,” said Dogwood campaigner Sophie Harrison. “Liberal caucus members across the country should be asking how they reconcile this approval with the promises they made to get elected. If our MPs are serious about standing up for their constituents and our values, they should consider resigning over this.”

“In the courtroom or at the ballot box, First Nations and British Columbians will stop this Texas tanker project peacefully and democratically — just like we stopped Enbridge,” said Dogwood communications director Kai Nagata. “Prime Minister Harper learned the hard way what happens when you try to ram a pipeline through to the coast without consent.”

Under the province’s unique direct democracy laws, any B.C. citizen may write a bill — like a private member’s bill — then join with volunteers to gather signatures from fellow citizens in support. In the case of the Harmonized Sales Tax initiative, this forced a referendum that defeated the HST and led to the resignation of Premier Gordon Campbell.

Dogwood is currently writing legislation and has 541 active organizers ready to train thousands of canvassers for a petition push in the new year.

“The focus now turns to Premier Christy Clark,” said Harrison. “Will she stand up for B.C. or cut a deal with Ottawa, forcing voters to take back control over this democratic decision?”

A recent poll commissioned by Dogwood and conducted by Insights West found British Columbians remain opposed to increased oil tanker traffic by a factor of two to one. In his election campaign, Prime Minister Trudeau promised that “governments can grant permits, but only communities can give permission.”

The Insights West poll found 31 per cent of respondents who voted Liberal in 2015 said they would be less likely to support the party again if the Kinder Morgan project were approved.


About Dogwood:

Dogwood Initiative is B.C.’s largest citizen group, uniting more than 260,000 supporters in the province against oil tanker expansion on the West Coast.


Sophie Harrison
Campaign Coordinator (Vancouver)

Kai Nagata
Communications Director (Vancouver)

Charles Campbell
Provincial Organizer (Victoria)

12 Responses to “Cynical betrayal on Kinder Morgan galvanizes B.C. voters”

  1. Paul Simpson says:

    Feeling physically sick right now. What an utter betrayal. Honestly the only reason I voted Liberal was in the hope of these terrible projects being rejected.

  2. Lorna LeBlanc says:

    I will be back in BC in May. Will contact you when I get there…..

  3. Donna french says:

    I would ask Trudeau to resign after breaking a promise made before the he was elected – what does a person call that action?

  4. Sair Killy says:

    I will not vote for Trudeau again unless he changes his mind on these vital environmental issues. We have a responsibility to our children and all the generations to come.

    • Dan Lorden says:

      Your children need to have jobs and support their future families. Development needs to be accomplished in a reasonable, metered manner, not stopped. Are you going to support your children when they have no economic alternatives? Will you see them on the street, unable to support themselves?

      • We’re not opposed to development; we’re opposed to oil sands expansion which threatens our coast, our climate, and the rights of First Nations. Young people are concerned about climate change and ready to move into the workforce in cleaner sectors. In fact, opposition to oil tankers is strongest (four-to-one!) amongst young British Columbians who know Kinder Morgan is a step in the wrong direction for our economy.

  5. Betty McMahon says:

    Happy to sign. Say when. Already called MP who says that he is watching but feels we are doomed to disappointment. Away from Dec25 till Jan5 but otherwise willing and able to do what is needed.

  6. jesse colvin says:

    i am 73 and i WILL go to jail as a non violent protester if Kinder Moron ever tries to build a pipeline, and put it through on Burnaby Mt. a place where up until 2 yrs ago i ripped down the Bike trails and yet respected the out of bounds areas enjoying this mostly untouched beautiful Mt.

    • Dan Lorden says:

      Hey buddy, wake up. Kinder Morgan has had a pipeline there for 53 years. You have been “ripping down the bike trails” beside it for all of that time. So????????????

      • Very true, Dan, that there is an existing Kinder Morgan pipeline. Dogwood’s campaign is focused on stopping the expansion of this pipeline — and the seven-fold increase in oil tanker traffic on our coast that would come with it.

  7. Gail says:

    Exciting. Let’s make it happen

  8. Fred Lang says:

    Forget the rhetoric … call it what is is … Trudeau L I E D … for political expediency …
    what to do … fight against the pipeline AND … DON’T VOTE LIBERAL AGAIN …
    SUCKERS !!!!

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