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BURNABY — Dogwood volunteers are hitting the streets in key B.C. communities to show Prime Minister Justin Trudeau he is out of touch with the voters he needs to win the next election.

The Canadian government bought the Trans Mountain pipeline after mounting risks made the highly controversial project unviable under private ownership. Cabinet now faces the prospect of trying to build an expansion pipeline with public funds as voters of all political stripes demand action on climate change.

“Canadians know climate leaders don’t build pipelines, and they see right through Trudeau’s doublespeak,” said Dogwood Campaigns Manager, Alexandra Woodsworth. “We’re in a climate emergency — Canadians won’t stand by as their tax dollars are used to pour gas on the fire.”

Recent polling shows climate change is a top ballot box issue for 70 per cent of Canadians. Roughly the same number oppose government handouts to oil, coal and gas companies.

In the wake of today’s pipeline decision, Dogwood is inviting people across the country to find out what their friends and neighbours think about public money being handed over to the oil and gas industry. Survey results will be tallied and shared with MPs and candidates in the run up to the federal election.

Dogwood volunteers will also be holding a day of action in Burnaby on June 22, giving residents at ground zero of the risky pipeline project an opportunity to make their voices heard.

“First Nations and B.C. communities have stopped Trans Mountain before,” said Woodsworth. “Do politicians really want to head into an election trying to build a pipeline — this time with our money?”


Alexandra Woodsworth
Campaigns Manager