Dogwood Live – B.C. Election 2020 Reaction

Recorded on October 24, as the results of the 2020 B.C. election rolled in, Alexandra Woodsworth, Kai Nagata and Lisa Sammartino share their perspectives on the outcome and how it will impact climate action, youth engagement and Indigenous rights.

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3 Responses to “Dogwood Live – B.C. Election 2020 Reaction”

  1. Werner Rhein says:

    Many NDPers do not agree what John Horgan is doing with the Site C Dam, Pipelines and LNG. They stayed away from voting.

  2. ed johnson says:

    So Emperor John cunningly calls a premature election to shrug off the Green fleas – and this is because he is ‘working for us’?.

  3. Hugh McNab says:

    If only the Opposition when in power still carried on like they were the opposition.

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