B.C. Election: Update 2

Week two of the B.C. provincial election. Volunteers are signing up to help get out the vote and Charles & Christina take a tour of Burnaby and find pipelines next to playgrounds.

Join us at VoteBC.ca.

3 Responses to “B.C. Election: Update 2”

  1. Cristina Eva Garofalo says:

    Great video, thanks!

  2. LeslienRoxanne Stanick says:

    Perfect! Informative, brief and inspiring! I look forward to making those calls!

  3. Heather Hiebert says:

    I live next to that community garden you mentioned, my condo complex is atop the current line and my neighbourhood will be sandwiched between both KM lines. The company has no evacuation plan in the event of a spill or rupture. That’s why I’m a Dogwood volunteer and supporter.

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