Don’t trust federal and provincial politicians to stand up for B.C. on oil pipeline and tanker projects?

Neither do we. Time to get ready.

Yes! I want to Knock the Block!


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Knock the Block!

If the federal government approves Kinder Morgan in December, we know our fight will only be just beginning. The province still has to make a decision; First Nations’ legal challenges will still see their day in court. And, British Columbians have a democratic insurance policy: the citizens’ initiative.

To succeed in launching a citizens’ initiative, we will need to sign up 10% of registered voters in every provincial riding in B.C. within 90 days. Through our Let BC Vote campaign, Dogwood has been preparing for years, in case politicians let us down.

During the month of October, everyone at Dogwood — from the board and staff, to volunteers and online supporters — will be joining in the Knock the Block campaign to sign up our neighbours, friends and family with the Let BC Vote petition. Fill out this form to sign up. Then we will send you to a website that has instructions and resources. You will also receive an email with this information.

In the meantime, the signatures we are gathering indicate to federal and provincial politicians just how many people in B.C. are concerned about being cut out of the decision-making process. When we meet with elected officials as neighbourhood teams, these signatures go a long way in demonstrating our grassroots power.

Personal face-to-face conversations are how we will win.
We need to be having thousands of them.

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