YES, I call on the B.C. government to stop Imperial Metals from pumping mine waste into Quesnel Lake!


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Dear Premier Horgan, Minister Heyman and Minister Ralston,
I am shocked and disgusted that Imperial Metals continues to discharge untreated mine waste into Quesnel Lake nearly five years after the Mount Polley tailings dam failure.
The B.C. government has failed to hold this company accountable. Worse, we have given them a licence to pollute for free. This is contrary to the values British Columbians expect our ministers to uphold.
Please use your authority to cancel the Mount Polley mine's discharge permit and order the removal of these pipes from Quesnel Lake.

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Get these mine waste pipes out of Quesnel Lake

Remember the Mount Polley mine disaster? It’s worse than you thought. The company responsible is now pumping untreated mine waste straight into Quesnel Lake. Not only has Imperial Metals never faced fines or charges, they’re still polluting this prime sockeye salmon lake.

Right before Premier Christy Clark left office, her government gave Imperial Metals a permit to lay two 24” pipes straight into the lake. Combined, they can discharge more than fifty million litres a day. That waste includes arsenic, ammonia and toxic heavy metals.

Local residents are fighting this threat to their drinking water. But Imperial Metals is using high-powered lawyers and procedural tricks to slow down their permit appeal. It’s time for the government to step in.

Send Premier Horgan and his ministers a message: Get these disgusting pipes out of Quesnel Lake, NOW.

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