Tell the B.C. government to stop the Site C dam – and save thousands of acres of prime agricultural land.

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Dear Premier Horgan, Minister Ralston and Minister Popham,
The Site C dam is a major risk to BC Hydro ratepayers and a violation of Indigenous rights. Flooding the reservoir would also destroy thousands of acres of prime farmland, eroding food security in B.C.
Please halt construction on this project before BC Hydro floods the Peace River valley.

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Stop Site C, save thousands of acres of prime farmland

The rich soil of B.C.’s Peace River valley could grow enough fruit and vegetables for one million people. But if Premier Horgan builds the Site C dam, all that land will be flooded forever.

B.C. imports more than half the food we eat. That food is getting more expensive because of climate change and disruptions caused by COVID-19. Our province urgently needs to protect what little farmland we have left.

We know the construction of the Site C dam will jack up our electricity bills. Building it would flood Indigenous burial grounds and hunting areas, violating Treaty 8. Filling the reservoir will also destroy more than 9,000 acres of prime farmland, permanently undermining our ability to guarantee fresh fruits and vegetables for Northern British Columbians.

It’s not too late to turn back. Farmers across the country have passed a formal resolution with the National Farmers Union to put a stop to Site C. Thanks to plummeting costs in wind and solar, we can generate more energy for less money than it would cost to finish the dam. And we can grow nutritious produce for a million people every year, rescuing the government’s failing plan to feed Northern Canada at a time when food security is more important than ever.

This action is a collaboration between Dogwood and the National Farmers Union.

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