Eby: Ban gas in new buildings

The gas piped into our homes, schools and workplaces is the third largest source of carbon pollution in B.C. Ninety per cent of it comes from fracking.

And when burned indoors, it can make us sick. Living in a home with a gas stove increases a child’s risk of asthma as much as living with a cigarette smoker.

In B.C., switching our buildings from fracked gas to clean electricity should be a no-brainer for any government with a serious climate plan. So why is the province still allowing Fortis to hook up tens of thousands of new buildings to dirty gas each year?

Every new building that relies on gas locks in decades of dangerous emissions.

Let’s keep our families safe and power our homes with clean electricity, not dirty fossil fuels.

Ask Premier Eby and Cabinet to keep gas out of new buildings.

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