Eby: Ban gas in new buildings across B.C.

FortisBC is pumping dangerous fossil gas into our homes, schools, and workplaces and telling us it’s safe when it’s not. They call it “natural gas” but there’s nothing natural about it.

Over ninety percent of their fossil gas, also known as methane, comes from fracking which accelerates climate change, causes earthquakes and poisons water aquifers.

And when burned indoors, it can make us sick. It emits carcinogenic benzene and toxic nitrogen oxides, polluting our homes and putting our loved ones at risk.

Living in a home with a gas stove increases a child’s risk of asthma as much as living with a cigarette smoker.

Fortis says they are replacing their fracked fossil gas supply with “Renewable Natural Gas” but their so-called “RNG” plan is a big scam. “RNG” is actually biomethane and it emits the same dangerous fumes, regardless of whether it’s fracked or captured at a landfill. They claim fossil gas is a climate solution, but it’s actually 80 times more potent than carbon dioxide as a greenhouse gas.

Fortis says they care about safety and the environment, but they’re keeping us in the dark and covering up the facts about fossil gas’s true impact on our health and climate.

In B.C., switching our buildings from fossil gas to clean electricity should be a no-brainer for a government that claims to care about people’s health and safety. But our province is still allowing Fortis to hook up tens of thousands of new buildings to fossil gas every year, locking them in for decades to come.

Let’s keep our families safe and power our homes with clean electricity, not toxic fossil gas.

Because everyone deserves to be safe at home.

Ask Premier Eby and Cabinet to keep gas out of new buildings.