Liberate the BC Coast

Over the last few weeks I’ve had the pleasure of organizing the No Tanker float for the Vancouver Pride Parade. Out of all the events I’ve organized for Dogwood, this one takes the cake. Over 30 people participated on the day of, representing not only Dogwood, but Greenpeace and Forest Ethics as well.

The diversity and teamwork of the float members was a huge part of what made it so fun to work on. Two specific mentions are due for Jolan from Forest Ethics and Ken from Greenpeace, two people I respect and love working with. Since I’m only one of two Dogwood staff members in Vancouver my network here is really important and this float was a perfect example of why. It reminds me that the No Tanker campaign is about much more than just Dogwood, it’s about a movement of committed people working together to protect the coast.

Even more than that, the No Tanker campaign is about keeping our coast just the way it is. That’s why we fit so well into the event. Pride is about loving ourselves just the way we are and celebrating the love we find, no matter how unusual. Love for each other, just the way we are, is a big part of this movement. We aren’t just working to liberate the coast, we’re working to protect the communities that rely on it and the relationships they’ve built with each other and the natural world they rely on. It’s for these reasons that it is important we stand in solidarity with our gay, lesbian and trans-sexual friends and community members.

Pride was so fun to work on because it reminds us of how fun and exciting this campaign can be. And hey, public nudity doesn’t hurt either.


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