US Senate votes to open Wildlife Refuge

As many readers of the Dogwood Bulletin are no doubt aware, the US government has decided to open the Arctic National Wildlife Reserve (“ANWR”) to oil drilling. Native Peoples, environmental groups and concerned citizens in the United States have started a “green ribbon” campaign to raise awareness about the issue. We encourage our readers to follow the story, and do what they can to oppose drilling in the Reserve.

The drive to exploit the ANWR is not just an American issue. As readers of our bulletins and articles in the October issue of Lands and People will know, oil in Alaska is entwined with the BC government’s push for pipelines and fossil fuel development in BC. You can read a recent bulletin about the politics of oil pipelines and oil development in BC and Alberta.

We’re helping communities and First Nations fight this unsustainable quest for more fossil fuels. We encourage you to show your support for our work and the Wildlife Refuge by wearing a green ribbon. See Wild Canada for action you can take.

For more about the wildlife reserve, visit CPAWS.

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