Phew! The past 12 months have been intense for Dogwood and the No Tankers campaign – from Natural Resource Minister Joe Oliver’s attempts to silence oil pipeline and tanker opponents in January to Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s dismantling of environmental legislation across the country.

But there were happy moments too, like when the Union of B.C. Municipalities passed the strongest motion ever opposing oil tanker expansion on B.C.’s coast or when we teamed up with LUSH to make fun of Enbridge. Perhaps best of all was the way your voices roses to the surface this year, proving to politicians everywhere we will not be silenced. Indeed, going into 2013, the No Tankers movement is stronger than ever.

Now, without further ado, here are the Top 10 blogs of 2012. Collectively, our blogs racked up 130,000 views this year – thanks for reading!

1. Harper, staged conflicts and the path to victory, By Will Horter.

2. The man behind the viral video ‘This is not an Enbridge animation,’ By Emma Gilchrist.

3. Guest Blog: Franke James asks ‘What’s Harper Afraid Of?’, Illustration by Franke James.

4. China treaty uproar signals growing rift between Ottawa, grassroots Conservatives, By Will Horter.

5. Ground-breaking No Tankers motion passed by B.C. local governments, By Eric Swanson.

6. Five reasons shipping oil to Asia is not in the national interest, By Emma Gilchrist.

7. A path to a Canada no one will recognize, spoof of Enbridge ad by LUSH Cosmetics.

8. In your words: Standing up for right to speak at Enbridge hearings, By Emma Gilchrist.

9. Med student donates scholarship money, By Emma Gilchrist.

10. How B.C. can stop oil tanker plans, By Karl Hardin.