Big news.

Thousands of Dogwood supporters have been part of the push for a permanent tanker ban on BC’s north coast and after three years of hard work, the Liberal Party of Canada has committed to support legislation to stop tankers. They’ve finally joined the NDP in supporting a legislated north coast tanker ban, and the Bloc have also indicated their support.

Check out this video from the policy announcement in Victoria today.

This is a huge victory for the campaign. The Liberals have even said they will work with other parties to push legislation through as early as possible.

Our supporters’ help has gotten us this far. Period. They’ve sent hundreds of letters to BC Caucus Liberal MPs and made sure the Liberal Party knows where British Columbians stand on this issue.

Please, consider making a donation so that we can take this campaign through to final step: getting actual legislation passed that permanently bans oil tankers from BC’s north coast.

We’re going to get there, I can feel it.

Thanks for being there with us.