Tahltan Broaden Campaign as Haida Leader Visits

Events are heating up in northwestern BC.

In order to counter much of the disinformation being circulated by the mainstream media about what is happening in Tahltan territory, concerned Tahltan have set up a new website, called “Tahltan Bulletin: News from Tahltan Territory” to share information with their growing number of supporters.

The website contains current and historical information about local happenings.

The first posting describes the recent visit by Haida leader, Guujaaw. 

Guujaaw visited the blockading Tahltan Elders and families to show his support and solidarity for thier efforts.

The Elders and families are standing up to defend the Klappan Sacred Headwaters from unsustainable coalbed methane and coal projects which could destroy the air, land and water on which they depend.

As the website describes, “Guujaaw shared stories about recent Haida blockades with the Tahltan Nation elders who are leading a blockade of the Ealue Lake road. He spoke to a group of about 40 Tahltan gathered on August 22 for a traditional supper of moose and groundhog meat.

The Tahltan have blockaded the Ealue Lake road since July 16, in order to prevent Fortune Minerals, Shell Canada, and other resource developers from working in the Klappan region .”

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