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For which nation and in whose interest?

06.13.17 | Commentary, No Tankers, Organizing |  Dave Mills

Don’t be fooled by the “national interest” narrative. Trans Mountain’s expansion is for the one per cent. In my 43 years living in this great country, I have never seen so much meddling into the affairs of a province as the full frontal assault taking place against the soon-to-be-sworn-in government of B.C. Let’s be clear. […]

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B.C. forced to watch its own back — again

06.10.17 | Commentary, General, No Tankers |  Christina Smethurst

Trying to push British Columbians around won’t get Notley and Trudeau the pipeline they want — and neither will anything else Photo: When England’s Model Parliament was first called in 1295, King Edward the First wrote a writ of summons calling for citizens across the land to join him. On the note it said […]

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Liberals ready to sacrifice three MPs for Kinder Morgan

10.05.16 | Commentary, Let BC Vote, No Tankers |  Kai Nagata

Gains in Alberta will offset B.C. blowback, sources say Trudeau government officials believe approving the Kinder Morgan pipeline and oil tanker project will jeopardize three Liberal seats in B.C. in the next election, according to a source who requested anonymity. However, the Liberals believe the move could also make them competitive in four new Calgary-area […]

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Piecing together the Kinder Morgan puzzle

10.03.16 | Commentary, Let BC Vote, No Tankers |  Christina Smethurst

Is Big Oil trying to game Alberta’s royalty structure with their risky pipeline proposal? Growing up, I spent a fair amount of time doing puzzles. I liked the simplicity and comfort of knowing each piece had its place and, given time and concentration, I could assemble the image of a unicorn or kittens in a […]

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Why is Kim Baird on the cover of Alberta Oil magazine?

09.06.16 | Commentary, Let BC Vote |  Charles Campbell

Back in June, shortly before the Harper-appointed National Energy Board gave a thumbs-up to Kinder Morgan’s oil tanker proposal, the Liberals announced the creation of a new review panel tasked with “restoring public trust in Canada’s environmental and regulatory processes.” Barely two months later, the panel has failed spectacularly. Not only has the slapdash process […]

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After The Fire

05.15.16 | Commentary |  Guest Writer

Evacuee Alisa Caswell responds to those using catastrophe to score political points. As I tossed and turned on the hard floor of the Syncrude camp after our evacuation, a million thoughts raced through my mind: “Did our house burn?” “Will our city survive?” “Where will we live?” Among them, I am sad to say, was: […]

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