Editor’s Note: This summer, we are sharing the stories of some of our supporters who are doing amazing things on the No Tankers campaign. I met Hamish this spring while doing a presentation to his Grade 5 class. Today, Hamish shares his story with you in this letter.

My name is Hamish and I’m 11 years old. I first learned about oil spills when I saw the Gulf of Mexico oil spill on the news last year.

For my Grade 5 project this year, my group studied oil spills. My assignment was to study the economic effects of oil spills. I learned that oil spills don’t just destroy the environment – they destroy local economies, too.

While we were doing our research, we learned about Enbridge’s plans for a pipeline and oil tankers in B.C. We really don’t want that to happen, so we decided to do something to help stop oil spills. We designed a button that says, “Save our waters from dirty oil” and sold 230 of them during recess.

We are giving the money we raised to organizations working on oil spills. Dogwood Initiative is going to use our $162.50 donation (half of the money we raised) to print posters and brochures about oil tankers on B.C.’s coast. The other half is going to Goldstream Nature House, which is teaching people about the impact of a recent oil spill near Victoria.

There are a lot of people already against Enbridge and I’m pretty sure all we need to do is keep on fighting against their plans to bring more oil tankers to our beautiful coast. I hope you will join me and my friends in helping stop oil spills on our coast by donating to Dogwood Initiative┬átoday.



P.S. The other day I spotted an oil tanker in the Juan de Fuca Strait just off of Victoria and I thought: “What if that spilled here?” That’s hard to think about. Please help Dogwood stop proposals by Kinder Morgan and Enbridge to bring more oil tankers to our coast.